Investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick Part 4: Criminal History, Drug Addiction, Profiting Off Of Death Of Deadbeat Dad, Questionable ALS Story 


Editor’s Note: Kylie Kilpatrick has filed two fraudulent claims for privacy violations on our YouTube videos. YouTube tells us the point in the videos (29 minute and 50 minute marks) where the alleged violations occurred, and in both cases it was when I began discussing Kylie’s behavior.

We’ve appealed it, and in her honor we dedicated an hour of the live show last night to previewing Part 4, starting at the 36:45 mark on YouTube and 32:00 on SoundCloud and iTunes. I also did a freestyle completely dedicated to Kylie at 1:29:15.




  part 2, and part 3 

Ryan Kyote is the younger of Kylie Kirkpatrick’s two children. Kylie became pregnant with Ryan’s older sister Anastasia when she was 17 and addicted to meth. She quit meth while pregnant with Annie, but then relapsed when her daughter was only a few months old. Kylie’s mother Deborah applied for guardianship and acted as Annie’s mother her entire life. Kylie was rarely around while her daughter was growing up, as she was on and off meth and in and out of rehab.

She later became addicted to opiates, and addiction got bad that she visited dozens of doctors all over the Bay Area to get meds. She finally resorted to stealing prescription pads and filling her own orders. Her long and documented history of breaking the law dates back to felony convictions in neighboring Sonoma County 2005.

Health and Safety Code 11173 in California states as follows:

(a)  No person shall obtain or attempt to obtain controlled substances, or procure or attempt to procure the administration of or prescription for controlled substances, (1) by fraud, deceit, misrepresentation , or subterfuge; or (2) by the concealment of a material fact.

In 2007 she was charged with writing prescriptions using a doctor’s notepad again.

In 2008 Kylie was once again charged with identity theft from a Deborah Fitzpatrick (her mother’s misspelled name), a name she used to open up eight different credit cards.

She used those cards to purchase over $8,000 worth of goods and services.

Kylie comes from a well-respected family. They would not speak with  me directly because they fear what she will do to them. Kylie stole from her mother despite the fact that she not only raised Kylie’s daughter, but allowed Kylie to live in their house rent free. When she was kicked out of the house she would run to a friend’s house nearby, who she eventually stole from as well. Kylie also stole this woman’s identity to open up credit cards in her name.

She also accessed her PayPal account to steal money, and stole several checks from the victim that she made out to herself. The checks alone added up to over $12,000.


When she was released in late 2008 she was ordered to go to a halfway house called Project 90 at Napa State Hospital as part of her three years of probation. If she did not abide by the terms of probation she would have to serve the remaining 41 days of her sentence in Napa County Jail.

It was at Project 90 that she met Ralph Samuel Brooks II, a “counselor” who is believed to have impregnated her with Ryan.

Kylie left Project 90 early in February of 2009 after their sexual relationship was revealed.

She posted this picture on Facebook in May of 2009, early into her pregnancy with Ryan, showing what she looked like when she got out of jail.

Because she was pregnant Kylie’s mother allowed her to move into her house in August of 2009 (the probation probation department listed her at her mother’s home) with conditions to take classes for treatment, and pass random drug tests.

Kylie gave birth to Ryan in October of 2009. Ralph wasn’t there as he disappeared and has played no part in Ryan’s life whatsoever. Ryan was taken from Kylie at the hospital because he was born addicted to opiates. He was initially placed into the foster system before Kylie’s sister stepped up and took him in.

Kylie violated her probation in February of 2010 by not submitting to a mandatory drug test. She then failed a drug test in March of 2010, leading to a search of her room that yielded several prescription bill bottles allegedly written by different doctors. But given Kylie’s history of forging doctor’s signatures it’s likely she wrote the prescriptions herself.




Kylie’s sister raised Ryan until he was nine months old when Kylie was able to get him back, despite the arrest for violating her probation. She ended up getting clean and remained at her mother’s house with Ryan until 2017.

When the Napa Valley Register first reported the story that nine year old boy Ryan Kyote had donated his allowance to pay off school lunch debts at West Park Elementary School, they did very little in the way of fact checking. One of the statements that they printed as fact was that Ryan had changed his last name in 2018, per his own request.

In 2018 Ryan asked to change his last name to something that more accurately identified his multi-cultural heritage. Borrowing from the South Korean and Ghanian cultures on Ryan’s paternal side he created the last name Kyote, pronounced “coyote.”

What kind of nine year old boy requests a name change to something that reflects their “multi-cultural heritage?”

Many suspect that Kylie (who has been associated with as many as five social security numbers according to a background search conducted by a collection agent) ran up bad credit in Ryan’s name, as her son’s alleged stated reason for the name change isn’t believable.

On top of impregnating women under his care in rehab, Ryan’s biological father also ran afoul of the law frequently. A quick Google search of his name reveals a 2013 arrest for leading police on a high speed chase in a stolen car, while already wanted on domestic violence charges, before crashing and running from the cops on foot. Ryan’s older half-brother is also a known gang member who was arrested while out on parole in 2014 for carrying a loaded, unregistered gun.

Why would Ryan randomly decide at the age of 8 that he wanted to change his last name to better reflect the cultural history of the career criminal who abandoned him, and who he had never met? Any reasonable person would assume that this was Kylie’s idea, much as his school lunch campaign is.

On May 1, 2019, Ryan’s biological father died. His death certificate says he was Korean and Black, and died of “anoxic brain injury, cardiac arrest, acute respiratory failure, and pneumonia.

Despite the lack of any involvement or emotional bond between Ryan and Ralph, Kylie exploited his death by posting on social media about how sad Ryan was.

According to sources we talked with, Kylie referred to Ralph for years as Ryan’s “sperm donor,” and spoke nothing but ill of him.

Because Kylie has to make everything about her, she took to Facebook to brag about how many men from across the country were reaching out to her about Ryan’s activism and dead father.

“After it was announced that his father passed away.”

There was no “announcement” that Ralph passed away, aside from Kylie using it to draw attention to herself on social media.

She shamelessly posted that Ryan was “grieving” the loss of the man he never met.

She posted in July that she was hesitant to bring Ryan to see the Lion King because Simba watches his father die, but said it “ended up inspiring Ryan knowing he carries his Dad with him always.”

She posted again in July that the “grief” Ryan felt from his sperm donor dying had opened up a door to meet his sperm donor’s family.

Kylie claimed, without any evidence, that Ralph died from ALS. A month later she was a national public figure with her lunch shaming campaign, and she contacted the Oakland Athletics to get Ryan into a game to participate in ALS Awareness night. Ryan got to go on the field and meet with Stephen Piscotty, a player for the Athletics whose mother died of ALS.

She also intentionally made it look as if Ryan donated $20,000 to ALS research.

The Ryan Kyote Twitter account, which Kylie runs while pretending to be Ryan, tweeted at Shaun King that his father died of ALS, and that he missed him.

This woman is pretending to be her son, and attempting to use the death of a man who abandoned him in order to increase her clout on the Internet.

She used the alleged death from ALS to attempt to get on the Ellen Show on Twitter.

Why wouldn’t she? She’s used this method to get on nationally syndicated shows like Access Hollywood and Doctor and The Diva.

Might as well aim high. It doesn’t get much bigger than Ellen.

When local legend Pete Frates (who has done more for ALS research than anyone has ever done for any disease) died earlier in the month, Kylie capitalized on the tragedy by making sure to virtue signal about how Ryan’s criminal deadbeat father also died from ALS.

Again, there is zero evidence that Ralph died from ALS, and the death certificate makes no mention of it.

To make matters worse Kylie also used the death of Ralph to get her son a free trip to Legoland California, as part of the Merlin’s Magic Wand program.

According to their website the organization offers these trips for sick and disabled children, or kids who recently lost a parent.

There’s no qualifications on the form that requires the children to have ever met their father though. But in doing so Ryan took a spot for a child who was disabled or recently went through the traumatic experience of losing a parent who was active in their life. This is fraud.

She also used it to get him into a scholarship for a summer camp at Lake Tahoe.

Kylie has taken down all of her social media accounts, and the Napa Valley Register took down their story from their Facebook page because of the overwhelming blowback they took from it. In Part 5 we will be looking at threats Kylie has made to the deaf community, as well as others who have been publicly critical of her behavior. If you have ever dealt with Kylie and want to add to the story, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


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