Investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick Part 2: Conning Politicians And Celebrities At The Expense Of West Park Elementary


We urge you to read part 1 of this series before reading part 2.

Ryan Kyote has become the face of a national campaign to end “lunch shaming,” in public schools. Some school districts give kids alternative meals when their parents haven’t paid an overdue balance, which critics argue embarrasses children in front of their peers, and sets them up to be bullied and go home hungry. This is why Ryan allegedly decided to use his allowance to pay off the debt of his hungry classmates. Except it appears as if the money came from a GoFundMe that his mother Kylie Kirkpatrick started, and his classmates weren’t really going hungry without his activism.

Since the Napa Valley Register published their story about Ryan in June, it quickly caught the attention of the media and politicians. If you search for his name on Facebook, Twitter, or Google, you will find thousands of posts singing his praises as a hero.

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On top of that Kylie has been using the blue checkmarks on social media to turn their ire on the school district.

Kylie is a master of this. Before she made her Twitter and Facebook accounts private (after we published our first story on her) you could see her using the accounts to tag celebrities, politicians, and the media, in hopes that someone else would pick up the story. Of course it did, because this is a single mother with an activist 9 year old son, and there’s nothing the media likes more than using children as political props and turning them into public figures.

The story quickly made national news and caught the attention of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who met with Ryan and signed legislation in October banning the practice of lunch shaming in public schools.

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Ryan has been vocally supported by several prominent politicians, including Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and countless others who blindly believed his story and used him as a political prop. Senator Harris used him in a campaign video (watch it here), and Representative Omar invited him to testify in front of congress to push for federal legislation.


Despite being a single mother who works for Door Dash and lives in the most expensive part of the country, Kylie was still able to give Harris a campaign contribution as well.

Kylie’s stated goal has been to do a state by state campaign, enacting laws like the one that Governor Newsom signed, before “going federal.” She frequently reaches out on Twitter to members of congress, as well as governors and state legislators in almost every state.

Here she is using the media to get the attention of the Lt. Governor of Minnesota, who she has been in contact with.

She contacted Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker after our local NPR channel did a story on Ryan’s activism.

She lobbied a State Rep in Michigan for the same.

Some have pointed out that all of the politicians Ryan has met with have been democrats, but that’s just politics. Increased funding for school lunch programs is a liberal platform, but one that Republicans could cosign if it benefitted them politically as well. For that reason Kylie she has been in touch with Vice President Pence’s office as well.

Based on my research it appears as if Kylie has no political affiliations whatsoever, and I doubt she even voted prior to this. But she’s an opportunist, and right now there is a market for politicians to rally behind children to push their political agendas. Kylie recognized that and isn’t afraid to use them as vehicles to put her son in the public spotlight. This is just a hustle for her, and she’s now using her 15 minutes of fame to lobby prominent public officials on other issues as well.

As you can see from the tone of her posts, Kylie is very self-important.

But she’s also very savvy, and was able to fly across the country to Rhode Island two weeks ago to meet with state legislators and Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza to lobby them to pass anti-lunch shaming bills. The Providence media wrote about the story without doing any background research whatsoever.

I thought it was odd that she felt the need to write “no coaching, no notes” on a December 15 Facebook post.

Why would she write that if he wasn’t being coached? As we addressed in part 1, his story constantly changes. One day he was inspired by a child in Indiana, and the next day he was inspired by his friends at school who were going home hungry. Either way, the money didn’t come from his allowance, but rather was donated from a GoFundMe.

Around the time when he flew to Rhode Island with his mother, Ryan ended up being named alongside Greta Thunberg as one of Time Magazine’s people of the year.

Kylie has been able to spread her story, which is all based on a lie, by using social media. She has her own personal Twitter account, but also runs the @RyanKyote1 account.

“Account administered by Mom.”

She pretends to speak in Ryan’s voice sometimes, and forgets that she says right in her bio that she’s the one doing the tweeting. This is likely because a nine year old is a lot more likely to get the attention of a celebrity than a mother in her 40’s.

“My Mom is a single mom and works very hard for our family.”

Kylie spends most of her days on social media and delivers for Door Dash.

She uses the account to complain about McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Because lots of 9 year old boys want the toy in their Happy Meal replaced with a reusable water bottle.

Or, perhaps Kylie saw the success that Greta Thunberg has had advocating for environmental issues, and saw an opportunity to expand “Ryan’s” activism.

These are the kind of things the Twitter account “likes.”

Lots of 9 year old boys follow accounts that complain about toxic masculinity.

She has had a tremendous amount of success gaining the attention of celebrities.



She’s even attempted to reach out to well known scam artist Bill Pulte, who forces desperate people to beg him for handouts in exchange for their data on social media.

She has been trying to get on Ellen for months now after the well known talk show host tweeted out her support for Ryan’s activism.

But her lies have had a detrimental effect on West Park Elementary School and the Napa Valley Unified School District. She’s stood by and watched as blue checkmarks like Bill de Blasio and Alyssa Milano vilified the school, and demanded that they give Ryan his $74.80 back.

She continues to smear the district on Twitter.

It reached the point where Kylie received a stay away order from the school, where her son no longer attends.

She was upset that the school didn’t contact her when military veterans showed up at West Park to honor Ryan.

And has even lied about being in the school and witnessing kids at Ryan’s lunch table who were denied a meal due to outstanding debt.

This is entirely fabricated, and contradicts earlier stories that Ryan and Kylie told the media.

As a direct result of the school and the district received threats, and were bombarded by negative reviews and commentary from people all over the world. They were forced to temporarily shut down their Facebook pages until it died down.

Kylie is well aware of what they have been put through, but as we will see tomorrow she continues to perpetuate these lies and allow the attacks to continue because she is a spiteful, diabolical, and resentful woman. Here’s a preview of part 3.


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