Jason Law From Boston 25 News Stole Our Story On Weymouth “White Out” Scandal And Passed It Off As An Exclusive


Two days ago we broke this story about the Weymouth Superintendent banning the booster club from selling a school unity shirt for sporting events because it said “white out” on it, which she claimed was racially insensitive and ignorant.

Then today Boston 25 News passed the story on as their own.

Let’s be clear – this story would not be in the “news” at all had we not written about it. The reporter, Jason Law, is passing this story off as an exclusive.


You may remember him from when we blogged about Jason last month. He broke the huge story about a couple kids getting hurt at go-kart track in Wrentham only to get confronted and owned by the owner during a live broadcast.

This is what qualifies as a news reporter in 2019. No wonder he’s stealing our stories – this is what he comes up with when he has to find his own stories. Even all the images he used and screenshots came directly from our page. Notice how he refers to them as “since deleted Facebook posts.”

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Yes, they’ve been deleted SINCE we blogged about this. That’s why they were deleted afterwards. Because we blew this story up and got over 50,000 views on it in 24 hours.

This part spoke volumes:

The letter was sent to 7,000 people but the school district would not give Boston 25 News anchor Jason Law a copy. 

He couldn’t get the email because he doesn’t have good sources. Good reporters have good sources. We had people sending us this email on Sunday.

That’s why he’s interviewing 15 year olds and calling it a scoop.

I really, really despise when “reporters” do this. I do this for a living. I’ve spent five years establishing Turtleboy as the most trusted brand for real news, and because of that we get stories like this sent to us, and these people just pass it off as their own. Do me a favor turtle riders and destroy this man on social media by flooding him with comments and replies with links to this blog or the first one we published:

Jason Law’s Facebook page

Jason Law’s Twitter

Fox 25’s Facebook post:

I demand an apology and admittance of wrongdoing from Jason Law.


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