Jen Royle Urges People Not To Use Gift Cards At Her Restaurant During Crisis, Mocks Rival Britt McHenry For Speaking About Brain Tumor Surgery  


Jen Royle is a local Boston quasi-celebrity turned restaurant owner whose confrontational behavior on Twitter has drawn the attention of many. Last summer I published a blog about her reaction to a bad Yelp review from a man who was assessed a $50 cancellation fee.

Her restaurant is family style, meaning you sit down with a bunch of strangers and eat whatever is for diner that night, and you pay a lot of money for the privilege of eating in Boston. If you have an issue with your experience her policy seems to be, “keep it to yourself or I will dox and go after you on Twitter with profanity laden tirades that make your crazy ex sound stable.”

Jen also has had a long standing feud with former ESPN barbie doll turned conservative blue checkmark Britt McHenry, who is a dreadful, miserable woman herself, after Jen said she wouldn’t let that “that f***ing b****” eat in her restaurant, and challenged McHenry to a fight.

Some would argue that the only reason either of them is famous is because they’re attractive women. Especially Jen Royle, who like her or hate her is smoking hot. These same people might also suggest that they are both vapid, angry twats who can’t control what they say, get away with it because they’re spank bank material, and think they’ve gotten to their place in life because of actual talent.


Not me though. I think they’re both delightful.

Jen didn’t like the blog I wrote because she claimed to be a big supporter, despite never once sharing our content or buying anything.

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Nevertheless I issued a heartfelt apology that you can read here.

For whatever reason the WEEI and Sports Hub bros fawn over her on Twitter, and many of them including Tony Mazz and Christian Fauria have given her free publicity during the crisis.

Despite this relative advantage over other startup restaurants, Jen decided to have another public meltdown this week on social media when she asked a passive-aggressive question about whether or not people should use gift card during the COVID crisis.

This of course is her way of saying, “You’re a dickhead if you use a gift card during the commie cold crisis instead of giving me new cash,” without actually saying it.

A lot of people bought gift cards when this crisis began to show support to businesses like hers. Most of those businesses don’t have the advantage of former Super Bowl champions endorsing them on social media. And even they did buy gift cards before this all went down, so what? She still got their money. She should probably just make the meatballs and stop posting on social media. Then again, maybe Fauria can send some more free customers her way.

Even though a lot of people have lost their jobs and businesses over this, Jen Royle wants them to consider her financial situation.

Pro tip – if you complain that you’re struggling during this crisis, even though you qualify for PPP loans, don’t brag about how you don’t need republicans to buy your food because you’re sold out every night just a couple days later.

I understand that without cash coming in Jen might feel like she’s working for nothing, but she should probably get used to that if she’s going to run a restaurant that sells gift cards. And if she insists that people bought the gift cards month ago, she should probably stick to that story.

Or just stop talking altogether. That might be best actually.

The best part was how she framed it as, “I’m just curious what you guys think,” even though she was making it blatantly obvious that she personally thinks you’re a horrible person if you use a gift card during the crisis.

But she also thinks it’s OK to use your gift card to Chili’s, because they’re a chain.

Even though franchise owners are still dependent upon cash coming in to survive. Jen Royle might be the only person on Twitter who hits the tweet button faster than Trump, rather than asking herself, “should I tweet this?”

Then yesterday she decided it would be a good time to reignite her feud with Brit McHenry by mocking her for talking about having brain tumor surgery.

Jen does this with the same account that she uses to promote her business. She literally does everything wrong that you can possibly do on social media if you open a business, but then gets free advertising from thirsty quasi-celebrities and thinks she’s getting business because of her talents. Granted, Brit McHenry is a right cunt herself, and the last thing she’d ever do is “be kinder” to anyone. But still, how out of touch with reality do you have to be to mock a woman’s two month old tweet about getting brain surgery?

In classic Jen Royle style she’s refusing to back down.

And she’s making up excuses for why her tweet was OK.

Just to review:

  • Britt McHenry posts about getting a surgery on February 25 but doesn’t specify what surgery
  • Britt McHenry posts on social media days later that it’s brain surgery
  • Two months later Jen Royle decides to dig up the first tweet and mock her because apparently surgery is something to mock your rival over as long as it’s not brain surgery

Yea, that doesn’t quite add up. Then again, adding has never been Jen’s specialty.


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