John Henry’s Boston Globe Writes Hit Piece On Bob Kraft Featuring State Senator And Ungrateful Doctor For Flying In Masks That Aren’t “Gold Standard”


John Henry hates the fact that Bob Kraft is more popular than him. He naively believed that being woke and changing street names because a guy was racist 100 years ago when everyone was racist, would impress Boston fans. But as it turns out people like Kraft more because, a) he seems more personable and less elitist, b) his product is infinitely better, c) he doesn’t come across as trying so hard, and d) he doesn’t control the city’s primary newspaper, thus giving the impression that it is effectively Red Sox state controlled media. This jealous and hatred for Kraft eats John Henry up inside.

It’s been two weeks since Kraft used the Patriots plane to fly to China to pick up much needed ventilator masks for healthcare workers on the front lines. Kraft was widely praised for his generosity, while Henry stood idly by and did nothing with his fortune. This sort of positive publicly for Kraft has always irked Henry, because despite the relative success of the Red Sox they can never reach the popularity that the Patriots have, and a lot of that has to do with ownership. So Henry had one of his reporters spend the last two weeks crafting this hit piece on Kraft:


Of course the reporter he put on the story was this stooge.

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Take note that he does NOT button the top button, and his tie is clearly loosened. That’s what happens when you are a grizzled reported who graduated from the Kevin Cullen school of hard knocks. After a long day of hitting the streets with your note pad and filling up on corned beef sandwiches, sometimes you just have to undo that top button.

You may remember Dugan Arnett from a story we did on him last year when he did this in the days leading up to the Super Bowl:

In order to find quotes for his pre-written story about how no one cares about the Patriots around here, he had to find people on Twitter who felt this way. So he searched for the keywords “spoiled” and “Patriots,” and messaged whoever came up.

Not only is that incredibly lazy, it’s also incredibly creepy and stalkerish for this “reporter” to tweet at random women that he “came across their funny tweets.” He’s still using this tactic as his primary research method to this day.

While most of the people he tweets at are young and female, all of them in this case used the keywords “long line” and “drive through.”

Anyway, he must’ve realized what a massive tool he looked like after we blogged about him and he has since erased all of those tweets. But his hackery for John Henry continued in this column. Here’s some of the highlights.

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“As well intended as the covert mission to China had been…”

John Henry probably wrote that part himself. He’s trying to make it look the fact that he did nothing was well thought out. He didn’t want to rush into anything like Kraft did, who although “well intended,” didn’t know the first thing about masks.

From there Dugan crafted the narrative that Kraft brought back the Shaw’s brand version of the masks.

Maryanne Bombaugh was literally whining about a lack of masks three weeks ago.

Then Bob Kraft got her more masks and she runs to the Globe and tells them that they’re not the “gold standard.”

These are the same people pushing down the disastrous “shut it down” narrative. They’re all getting paid to tell us how dire the situation is, and then they have the nerve to complain when a billionaire gives them a plane of what they’re asking for because it’s not the “gold standard.”

To his credit, Charlie Baker rightly told Dugan Arnett to beat it when his office was reached out to by this puke “reporter.”

Unsatisfied, Dugan then went and found another hospital executive who he thought would push his narrative that the masks were bad, but she said she was willing to experiment.


But Dugan Arnett needed to find some sort of elected official who he could use to push the narrative that the Patriots screwed up, in order to cover up for the fact that John Henry did nothing. Luckily he found this chick:

No, not State Senator Jamie “Captain Planet” Eldridge. The other chick.

Newly elected freshman state Senator Becca Rausch, who along with Eldridge represents some of the NIMBY’est towns in Metrowest, including Globe ally Bob Murchison‘s town of Sherborn, in one of the most gerrymandered districts you will ever see (reaches from Wayland to Attleboro).

She went hard after the Patriots, desperately trying to stay in the good graces of the Globe because she represents the only towns in Massachusetts where people still subscribe to it.

She’s been “hearing” that the masks don’t fit. A real reporter at this point would ask, “who did you hear that from?” But Dugan Arnett isn’t a real reporter. He’s a guy who already knows the story he’s writing ahead of time and then searches for keywords on Twitter until he finds someone he can interview to go along with his narrative.

She kept proudly posting her doomsday garbage about the masks on social media.

I’ve never seen someone this excited to be mentioned in the Boston Globe before. Check out her Twitter likes (of course she has her gender pronouns in her bio – spoiler alert – she’s a woman and wants you to call her a woman) to see what she’s all about.

This was the quote Becca was so proud of:

“They’re useless for the purposes for which they were brought here.”

Weird, because in response to this the President of Mass General Hospital said the exact opposite.

Turns out they were a “God send.”

Don’t worry though, the Red Sox were helping too.

They got Jim from the office and Big Papi to do a Zoom chat with some healthcare workers. See? He cares too!!

WEEI, which is also Red Sox controlled media, had a blue checkmark reporter named Courtney Fallon reweet the Peter Slavin quote, but she was quickly forced to delete it.

Almost as if WEEI is beholden to the Red Sox because it’s the only sport they have the broadcasting rights to.

Of course Dugan’s coworker Adam Himmelsbach had his back.

This is how the media works now. Hacks like Himmelsbach and Arnett, desperate to keep their jobs making $35K a year in a dying industry, carry the water for John Henry. They’ll do this for a while until they want a slight cost of living raise, at which point they will be replaced by a 23 year old Emerson grad who is willing to do their job for less. They find people like Becca Rausch who make up sources out of thin air because they want to own Bob Kraft for supporting Donald Trump. They can’t stand that he’s actually making a difference while John Henry did nothing.

These people have no bottom. They truly are the enemy of the people.


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