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Join Napoli’s Deli And Catering By Donating A Gift Card We Can Give To The Family Of Worcester Firefighter Jason Menard


As much as we enjoy exposing people doing nefarious things, it’s also important that we use the large platform that we operate as a means for good. I’ve been brainstorming all morning about ways we can help the family of Worcester firefighter Jason Menard, who died last night trying to save the lives of a baby and his fellow firefighters. There are existing foundations you can donate to, and I’m sure many people will, so they will be taken care of financially.

What I’m more interested in is helping Jason’s sister (who is a long time supporter of the blog) and her family get through the most difficult time of their life. The last thing anyone would want to do after a tragedy like this are the mundane day to day tasks like cooking, cleaning, etc.

My plan is to pool together gift cards from the Shrewsbury-Worcester area for places that have takeout so the family can have one less thing to think about. I contacted Napoli’s in Shrewsbury (I’ve never eaten there but people rave about it), who offered to donate a gift card after I explained what my idea was. My hope is that their generosity will inspire other local restaurants to do the same. I invite any restaurant or sandwich shop that has takeout to donate a gift card as well. Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like to participate.

I am not running a registered charity here so I wouldn’t feel comfortable or appropriate collecting or handling money. I just want to keep it simple and use our platform to mobilize quick and easy support for this family. I would like to collect and gather as many gift cards as we can, give them to Jason’s sister, and let our readers know who these generous business owners are so we can support them in the future as well. If no other restaurants want to donate, that’s fine. If so I’ll buy the gift cards myself, and I’d encourage turtle riders to do the same. Send me an email or message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook if you would like to join Napoli’s.


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