Josh Abrams Is Confronted By A Turtle Rider, Hilariously Threatens DCF, Cops On Her Despite Having No Child Custody At All Between He And Tow Truck Girl

So, this just happened near the Medford City Hall:


Yep. That’s Josh Abrams and his thieving hussy of a counterpart harassing paid town employees who are busy doing actual work for actual jobs, getting confronted by an irritated woman (who just so happens to be a Turtle rider extraordinaire). When Josh realizes he has no logical counter to any of her points, mainly due to the fact that he is an unemployable, career criminal man child with a smartphone, he resorts to attempting to demean her. When that still doesn’t do it, he vows to call DCF, the cops, and maybe the national guard, FBI, CIA and Navy Seals, too. Because that’s what he does. He’s a hypocritical coward. But, while we’re on the subject of parenting, Joshy…how many children do you have custody of? The answer is zero. Let’s talk about your parenting, pal. Better yet, let’s allow the GAL in one of your custody cases do the talking for us:

Do you know what a scumbag you have to be to have the courts recommend limiting the parent/child relationship? I’ll answer that¬† – a huge scumbag. Speaking of scum, you know who else doesn’t have custody of her child? Danielle “Super Cute Stolen Sunglasses” Bognanno. She lost custody of her son, again. Because obviously robbing johns at the Encore Casino takes precedent over appropriately parenting your child in these two clowns’ worlds. Total. Scum.

I was going to leave you alone, Josh and Danielle. You got boring. I was going to let you die nice, quiet ratio deaths on YouTube and live your meaningless lives in dismal, abject poverty without any more incident from me. But then you had to go after one of my own. So, game on, ladies and gentlemen. I have a lot of information about what these two miscreants have been up to lately, and suddenly I feel like I can pencil in a slot on my Sunday night show for it. Buckle up, Joshy-Poo. You’re about to be ruined with cold, hard facts….again.

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