Judge Who Let Ron Tarentino’s Murderer Go Free Granted A Restraining Order Hearing For DCF Moms Who Didn’t Like Blog Exposing Their Nonprofit



Last week we published a blog about some DCF Moms who claimed to have started a nonprofit called Proactive Families Advocacy, which purports to help crappy mothers who lost their kids to adoption or the foster system. The three women running it all lost their kids at some point to the system, and a woman named Amy Holbrook had previously left her 8 year old child home alone until the police found him crying outside.

The problem (there are actually many, but this is the most glaring) is that the nonprofit is not registered with the Attorney General’s Office, and their website solicits donations.

We attempted to reach out to them on Facebook but were blocked for asking a question.

Nothing else came of this matter.

Then I got this in the mail:

DCF Moms Kayla Baillargeon, Mandy Small, Tiffany Scott, and Amy Holbrook have all applied for restraining orders against me.

Imagine if they had put this much effort into taking care of their kids, or registering their nonprofit with the state.

I didn’t even say a word about Tiffany Scott, other than to include a video she was featured in and a picture from her Facebook page.

These are the after David’s these morons filed.


It’s notable that not every application for an order merits a hearing. A judge has the choice to deny, grant, or schedule a 2 party hearing, if the complainant provides evidence. I didn’t message or call any of these ratchet mothers, and the law requires 3 or more instances of harassment in order to schedule a hearing, so there’s no grounds for a hearing. The Judge who signed off on this was Janet J. McGuiggan.


McGuiggan is most famous for allowing repeat offender Jorge Zambrano to go free on personal recognizance a week before he murdered Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino:

Last week, Zambrano was in court again after being stopped by Massachusetts State Police in Worcester. He arrested without incident for a subsequent offense of operating a motor vehicle without a license, driving an unregistered motor vehicle and attempting to conceal his license plate. Judge Janet J. McGuiggan released him on personal recognizance in that case.

She was well aware that Zambrano was a threat to the public because just a couple months earlier he was arrested for trying to feed a police officer to his pit bull.

Also in January, Zambrano was charged with assault and battery on a police officer. In that case, Zambrano allegedly grabbed a Worcester police officer’s uniform and attempted to pull him into his vehicle where a large pit bull sat inside. On April 4, Judge Andrew Mandel continued the assault and battery on a police officer charge without a finding for one year, according to court files.

If she had done her job and kept Zambrano in jail Ron Tarentino would be alive today. Instead she did what she did and suffered no repercussions for it.

Imagine if she had taken the very real threat that Jorge Zambrano posed as seriously as the non-existent threat that I pose writing blogs that expose shitty people doing shitty things. This overpaid hack is everything that is wrong with the criminal justice system today. I have no respect for her, or her courtroom, and I will not address her as “Your Honor” because she has no honor. I am a free man, living in a free country, and I am not required to pay homage to an unelected bureaucrat who gets innocent people killed. The problem isn’t the ratchets, they’re going to do what they do. The problem is the fact that political hacks like Janet McGuiggan humor them with nonsense.

This moronic judge looked at these affidavits and decided that this was something serious that needed to be litigated in her courtroom.

For the record, I invited the DCF Moms onto the show to share their side of the story but they declined through a third party named Katherine Cross, who sent me this gem of a DM, telling me to get my FACKS straight.

Can’t wait to read that out loud on the Live show. Almost as much as I can’t wait to explain to these guttermuppets to their faces in court how the First Amendment allows me to shame them for being horrible parents that can’t keep their kids away from the DCF Fairy.



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