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Kansas City Fans Who Booed The “Moment Of Unity” In Last Night’s Game Sent A More Powerful Message Than Boycotting Ever Could


I will not be boycotting the NFL this year. Don’t get me wrong, I despise the the terrorist organization known as black lives matter and their infiltration into pop culture and sports. But I believe there is a more effective way to end the NFL’s pandering, and it was on full display last night when Kansas City fans booed the players on both teams as they did a “moment of unity.”

This has the blue checkmarks all riled up, which tells you that the fans did something right. Twitter is not real life, and the NFL players have been living in a Twitter bubble for the last 6 months. Out here in reality people aren’t falling for their nonsense, and we know there has never been anything “unifying” about BLM. They are intentionally divisive, they riot, they burn, they loot, they kill, they blame police for doing their job, and they have the audacity to lecture you about how not to be a racist. This was on the jumbotron last night during this “moment of unity.”

The implication is clear – as of right now you don’t support equality, but you should, and we are here to lecture about that. But the fact of the matter is that the people watching last night aren’t racist, they believe that black lives matter, they don’t like police brutality, and they want justice for all. It’s demeaning for them to be told they have to do things they already do by a bunch of millionaires whose salaries are financed by them.

This would mean a lot more if Drew Brees wasn’t wearing the name “Jacob Blake” on his helmet in honor of a rapist. It would mean more if players advocated for black people who were killed by people other than police. It would mean more if out of all the people who have died unjustly in this country, players chose people other than a man who died of a fentanyl overdose, a woman who laundered drug money for her ex-boyfriend, and a rapist, to honor. It would mean more if any of them denounced the violence of black lives matter. It would mean more if their primary form of protesting wasn’t antagonizing their fans by disrespecting our country and our police.

But the fans aren’t stupid and know exactly what those words on the big screen meant so they booed. This wasn’t a rejection of unity, it was a rejection of BLM.  And this is exactly what we should be doing instead of boycotting – letting the players know that this nonsense must end. The fans have free speech too. We must remind them that we’ll cheer for them when they play football, but we don’t care what they think about politics, we certainly don’t need to be lectured about it by people who aren’t particularly bright, and we will boo them if they attempt to combine the two.

More importantly it reminded the players that the NFL doesn’t belong to the players, it belongs to the fans. Nothing is more American than football on Sundays in the fall. It’s what we look forward to all year. I shouldn’t have to give that up. You should give up the protesting instead. I won’t abandon something I love to these pampered, virtue signaling millionaires. Instead I will cheer on the fans each and every time they boo the players when the players get out of line.

One thing I learned from protesting against Monica Cannon-Grant this week is that being booed in person is a lot more effective than being attacked online. Monica can block me online but she has to hear me when I’m 20 feet away from her. When you announce to the world that you’re boycotting the NFL nobody cares. The players certainly don’t notice that, but the they do notice when you boo them, and that stings. They did not look comfortable last night.

You think they’re going to keep doing this shit every week if their own fans boo them? These are egomaniacs who want approval of others, which is why they’re supporting BLM in the first place – because they think everyone is on board with it. By making BLM uncool the players will stop supporting them. The NBA has gone all in on BLM because nobody is in the crowd to boo them. Imagine a stadium full of fans being told by players that they weren’t playing that day because of Jacob Blake. They’d be booed to high heavens.

Players protest now because they think people supporting them on Twitter is real life, and the media amplifies it. But the vast majority of real people who show up to every single NFL stadium are Trump supporters. They love their country, they don’t like BLM, and like me they are unwilling to hand over something they love to social justice warriors.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to boycott the NFL I get that, and I support it too. I think both booing and boycotting have their place. Boycotting will take longer because owners will have to look at the ratings, merchandise sales, etc, before putting an end to this. Booing will end it much faster. But a combination of both will give us back the sport we love, and I salute the fans in Kansas City who set the tone for fans across the league on Sunday.

I discussed this last night with Bret starting around the 48 minute mark.


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