Karyn Polito Admits To Attending Family Party At Brother’s House In Family Compound, Says It’s OK Because 2 Kids Graduated


Lt. Governor Karyn Polito admitted today in the governor’s press briefing that there was a party at the Polito compound this past Saturday, and that she did attend. The question was finally asked by an unknown female reporter after 40 minutes of filibustering and distractions about food shortages and EBT. Polito threw her brother under the bus and made up excuses as to why the order to stay home does not apply to her family.

“You’re referring to the blogpost over the weekend and the answer is no, I did not host a gathering at my home. My brother he is one of the parents in the commonwealth who has two children graduating, one high school and one college and he invited some family to get together. I did stop by to say hello. It was an outdoor gathering, when I was there. It was spread apart, social distancing. Which is allowed under the governor’s order, and with the social guidance we’ve issued. And I would just say that this is going to happen when people want to get together and as the weather improves it’s a natural thing to want to do, and should be done in a manner in which people come together, practice social distancing. And keep it small, which is what happened with my brother’s family.”

I do feel a small degree of satisfaction seeing Charlie Parker’s reaction to the question. He immediately turned to Polito and walked off, as if they knew this was coming and prepared for it. The fact that Baker and Polito had to take time out of their day to develop a strategy for how to respond to TB Daily News is extremely satisfying. Has anyone seen these people?

In case you haven’t figured out by now, Kathy Hill = Bristol Blarney. She’s not good at hiding. Another swing and a miss for poor Kate.

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This response is particularly tone deaf because Polito toldĀ citizens to “only go out for essentials.”

And yet she readily admits that a large family gathering took place at the Polito compound, she admits she attended it, and she says it was OK because her brother had two kids graduate. What about the rest of the citizens who cancelled parties and get togethers because you filled their heads up with lies about spreading disease and killing Grandma? We cancelled my 5 year old daughter’s birthday party because no one would come if we had a party, thanks to this baseless fear mongering. If Karyn Polito truly thought that gathering in groups spread the virus she never would’ve attended a family get together of this size. You’ve all been lied to, and the sooner you understand the sooner you will be joining me on Team Freedom.

As for the “social distancing,” you’d have to be a naive to believe the dozens of people in attendance actually stood six feet apart the entire time. We have witnesses who saw upwards of 10 teenagers playing basketball, a game where you’re constantly touching each other.

And where were the followups? I can think of a bunch I would’ve asked, starting with, “Why should a business get fined for having people hit golf balls but you but your family can host big graduation parties?”

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P.S. According to Mass General Laws they’re only allowed to have these “orders” in place for 45 days.

We’re in the 70’s now.


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