Karyn Polito Defended By State Rep Paul Frost For Violating Own Order By Attending Graduation Party, Changes Rules By Stating You Can Party In Large Groups Outside


On Wednesday Lt. Governor Karyn Polito was asked by a reporter during a live stream if the reporter’s friend’s kids could have a graduation party, because they’ve gotten mixed messages since Polito admitted that she attended a graduation party at her brother’s house over the weekend. Listen starting at the 10:15 mark to hear how Polito talked her way out of it.

How did this woman ever get elected to anything? I’ve never seen someone this bad at politics before.

Just to be clear, the guidelines that she came up with clearly state that gatherings have to have less than 10 people in phase 1. There’s also a “safer at home advisory” listed.

But now she’s moving the goal posts because SHE got caught violating her own orders.

“The governor has an order around gatherings from up to 10 in indoor and confined spaces.”

Can you please point out where it says that the under 10 rules only applies to “indoor and confined spaces?”

I must’ve missed that part.

“Some families are choosing to have a small intimate family gathering outdoors where they can socially distance and use their common sense and be respectful to each other. That is permissable under the governor’s order.”

No Karyn, it’s just your family. Everyone else did as you told them to do and gave up the idea of having parties. They sacrificed while you didn’t, and nobody believes that you all socially distanced, stayed outside, or wore masks.

Actually, there may be one guy. This is State Rep Paul Frost, a blind supporter of the Baker administration who like Polito is technically a Republican.

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Frost was featured on Turtleboy three years ago when he accepted a pay raise that he voted against because he knew the pay raise would be passed, but he still wanted the credit for voting no. This was his excuse.

“I don’t believe that I should receive less pay than somebody else who voted for the bill,” he said. “So they get the bonus but I’m not allowed to get that bonus because I took the right vote? No, I don’t agree with that. I did the right thing three times, as opposed to a person who did the wrong thing three times, yet I should be devalued in my work or in my position to my Democrat counterpart? I don’t think that’s fair to my family and to the district as a whole.”

No, the right thing to do would be turning down the raise. At least the other hacks who voted for the raise weren’t afraid to put their name on it. You knew it would pass, you wanted the raise, AND you wanted to look like the good guy. But all you really are is a fraud.

As you can see from his sign, he’s also a Baker/Polito stooge, and he’s making up excuses for her left and right about the party.

He has no reason to doubt her, except for the fact that she tried to hide the fact that she attended this party at her family compound in the first place.

He’s not mad because she said she didn’t host the party, but it doesn’t really matter who hosted the party.  She admitted to being there. Her presence alone was a violation of her own order, but apparently this doesn’t bother Paul Frost.


Someone brought up a good point – by Karyn Polito’s standards people can still have parties for their kids, just as long as she gets invited to “stop by.”

But Paul K. Frost is quite dumb so it went way over his head.

He also doesn’t believe she’d do what she admitted to doing because someone would leak it to the media.

Except someone did leak it to the media because they had so many cars parked outside that it was blatantly obvious a party was going on.

He also fell for her story about just “stopping by” and “practicing social distancing outside.”

It all makes sense now. Karyn Polito stopped by her brother’s house where dozens of people were hanging out and non-family members were seen playing basketball outside, she didn’t hug anyone, and then after she left they relaxed the rules. Yes, that is what happened for sure Paul.


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