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Kate Peter And Mike Gaffney Got Taunton Police To Pursue Wiretapping Charges Against TB For Allegedly Recording A YouTube Live Stream They Invited Me To And Knew I Was Watching


According to deadbeat Mom Kate “Bristol Blarney” Peter, I am being charged with felony wiretapping by the Taunton Police Department. Let me start at the top. On Friday, August 14, Kate’s friend and former turtle rider Ashley Azevedo did a live stream where she debated a turtle rider who was also named Kate.

These are streamed on a website called Streamyard that I use for the live shows. You can invite whoever you want to join the panel by sending them a link for it. It brings you backstage and the moderator, who in this case was Ashley, has the option to bring you on live.

Right before they started Ashley brought me on. I spoke to her for a minute and she put me in what’s called “backstage” where you can watch the stream live and be brought in if they want to bring you on live for viewers to see. Everyone who is live on the stream can see who is backstage. This is what the other woman saw before joining.

As you can see, she was backstage, and when Ashely saw this she brought her in.

I stayed backstage throughout the entire awful back and forth (Ashley is a very stupid and painful person to listen to) before it finally ended. When it did the other woman left and Ashley brought on Kate Peter. I remained in the backstage where both Kate and Ashely could clearly see me “backstage” at the bottom.

They both knew I was there I began saying some awful things. Many people were watching this and began recording. In the recorded video which I later discussed on a YouTube show of my own, Kate Peter and Ashley mocked Kate the turtle rider for the fact that her father killed himself while she was in the room as a child.

“I mean, Jesus Christ, I feel bad about her Dad but at the same time should we be talking shit about your Dad, because he left you for good lady! He’s never coming home. He must be a terrible parent.”

Ashley laughs.

“I mean, seriously though. Wanna talk about abandoning kids, mine can find me because I’m not buried 8 feet under the ground. She really doesn’t wanna play.”

This is a woman who has lost half of her children permanently to the state, and did horrific things to the other remaining children, bragging that she’s a better parent than a man who killed himself while they knew other people were watching.

Ashley said in that video, “Turtleboy was in the comments,” so she knew I was there. They could also see me while they were saying this and were either pretending they couldn’t or they just didn’t care and wanted me to hear it.

Kate also showed a picture of the DCF report from an incident in October in which Kate was questioned about mysterious bruises that were found on her then 13 year old daughter. Kate told me that DCF, doctors, and police suspected her, and blamed her daughter for bringing DCF back into her life.

Kate attempted to blame the bruises on her daughter’s boyfriend, a child who she insinuated she was going to assault.

Tonight on Kate’s live stream she announced that I was being charged with a felony for wiretapping by the Taunton Police Department because I allegedly screen recorded a conversation from a LIVE STREAMING WEBSITE, where it’s understood that everything you say is being recorded and broadcasted publicly, and where they could clearly see I was watching but could not participate in the conversation.

“Yes Aidan Kearney is being charged with a felony. As a felon you can’t vote, you can’t leave the country, you can’t possess firearms, there are a lot of restrictions placed on you. Which seems like a silly thing to give up because you are butthurt on the Internet.”

“He’ll be receiving a summons in the mail and he’ll be going to court for felony wiretapping. And I have the police report for anyone who wants to see it. And the criminal charges are precluding the civil litigation that’s ongoing, so that’ll be another whole can of worms. 

Here’s the second page of police report she posted.

“At no point during the conversation recorded by Aidan Kearney were Ashely Azevedo or Katherine Peter aware that Aidan Kearney was watching, listening, or recording their private conversations.”

Clearly, just like with the North Attleboro Police Department who Kate manipulated to get a temporary harassment order against me which was eventually thrown out in court, the Taunton Police are unfamiliar with technology. Ashley knew that I was watching because:

  • She brought me on live with her before it began live streaming to YouTube and put me in the backstage
  • She could see me backstage throughout the entire video and when Kate came on
  • She acknowledged in the video above that I was watching

The Taunton Police likely have no idea how Streamyard works, and blindly took the word of an alcoholic with a long and documented history of child neglect. This is yet another example of why it’s pertinent for police to be up to speed with technology, especially if they’re going to charge people with technological crimes.

The master mind behind all this is of course Mike Gaffney, who can’t get over the fact that he sued me for libel and lost in 2018. He goes by Truth Teller on YouTube and posts hundreds of times a day about me, including about how he thinks I broke wiretapping laws.

To say that Mike is obsessed with me is the understatement of the century. Ironically he posts constantly about how I’m obsessed with him.


These people think about Turtleboy 24/7. Every waking moment they’re trying to devise ways to silence me. Mike Gaffney tried and failed to sue me because I didn’t endorse him in an election that he finished in last place in. Kate Peter tried and failed with a harassment order and is now crowdsourcing to sue me. She explains her motive for this right in that video.

“let that be a lesson to anyone else.”

“To get some vindication is invigorating to say the least.”

She’s threatening anyone who exposes her long and documented history of alcohol abuse, and the neglectful, subhuman treatment of her kids, which resulted in the state permanently taking two away from her.

I won’t stop advocating for abused children, or exposing monsters like Kate Peter and Mike Gaffney. I will fight this and win, and I appreciate all the support from turtle riders. Tomorrow I have yet another bogus criminal complaint to fight in Uxbridge with Hadassah Rose, but I’ll never allow these people to silence the truth.


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