Kendra Lara Charged With 5 Crimes, Refuses To Apologize To Elderly Woman Whose House She Crashed Into, Protected By Supporters At Arraignment


This morning Kendra Lara appeared before a clerk magistrate in West Roxbury District Court (the Giannetti Hall of Justice) for a probable cause hearing on her well documented car crash on June 29, when she was driving unlicensed, going 53 in a 25, with her unrestrained autistic son in the backseat.

The Boston Globe also discovered that she has been parking in City Hall garage all the time, despite knowingly not having a license for almost a decade.

Since then there have been no calls for her resignation from any of her colleagues, despite the fact that her own small child was hospitalized as a direct result of her criminal behavior. Lara has refused to drop out of her re-election race, and last week posted what she called an “apology” on Twitter. At no point did she apologize to the elderly woman whose house was severely damaged by Lara as she drove without insurance, nor did she suggest how she planned to pay for that. Despite refusing to resign she claims to be taking accountability.

“I apologize to everyone for…..something.”

She claims she will “work to correct her mistake,” but she didn’t make a mistake. She knowingly chose to drive without a license for 10 years. She chose to drive 53 in a 25, and then lied to police and blamed an innocent person for causing the accident. If this didn’t happen in broad daylight she would have no doubt attempted to cover this up, as her fellow Councilors and Mayors have done.

Lara has turned off replies to all of her tweets, insulating herself from any sort of criticism from the people she serves.

A clerk magistrate’s hearing is only necessary when probable cause has to be determined. If someone shoots another person in the head in broad daylight and gets arrested there is no need for a clerk magistrate’s hearing. It’s undeniable that Lara does not have a license or insurance, and was driving an unregistered car, so there was no need for this hearing at all. Luckily the magistrate found probable cause to charge her with 5 crimes – permitting injury to a child, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, driving with a suspended license, and speeding. All are misdemeanors.

After that she went to the main courtroom in the Giannetti Hall of Justice to see Judge Coffey, who has a reputation for being stern but fair. She sat with fellow City Councilor Tania Fernandes-Anderson, who married a man 10 years ago who is doing life with no parole for murdering an immigrant.

Lara happened to be standing directly behind Attorney Ian Henchy, one of the lawyers representing Karen Read. Joao Depina was reprimanded by the judge for attempting to film the proceedings.

Lara was also joined in court by fellow City Councilor and accused serial rapist Ricardo Arroyo, who is also refusing to resign despite being implicated in the same scandal that force Rachael Rollins to resign as US Attorney.

The portly gentleman with Ricardo is his brother Ernesto Arroyo, the Fredo of the family whose well connected father has chosen not to prop him up for elected office.

Lara will not go to jail for this, and would be wise to take some sort of plea in which she’ll pay fines and get a continuance without a finding. But clearly this is a woman who believes she is above the law, knew full well that what she was doing was illegal, and chose to do it anyway because people of her ilk reject the idea of personal responsibility.

Georgia Kalogerakis is the elderly woman whose home Kendra Lara crashed into, and a retired public school teacher. The foundation of her home is now cracked, her porch has been moved, and her grandchildren often are playing in her front yard. Kendra Lara still has not contacted this woman to apologize, despite being her elected City Councilor, and has made no efforts to compensate the woman who must pay out of pocket for the damages. 



On her way out of the courtroom she was questioned by Catherine Vitale, a candidate for City Council who was targeted and arrested by the Wu administration after being placed on a “list” for protesting outside of the Mayor’s home. Lara was pretending to cry on her way out, and was surrounded by an entourage of white socialist biking bros in masks who attempted to close the courthouse doors behind them, preventing anyone from following.

Despite being the loser in a family that includes a man credibly accused of raping two minors, Ernesto made an IG post with Lara last week claiming that people were trying to exploit her mistakes by holding her accountable. The post ended by suggesting that the police were lying about what happened, and was liked by City Councilor Arroyo.

“Those who need to be led by perfect leaders will be lead by liars.”

No one wants to be led by perfect leaders. We just ask that our elected officials not flagrantly violate the law and endanger the public while doing so. But for what it’s worth, Kendra is also a liar. Last September we did a public records request for her emails after she claimed she received daily emails calling her the n word, and discovered that she had not received a single email ever calling her that. Instead of taking “accountability” for the lie, Lara said that it was depraved that an award winning journalist would investigate whether or not she was telling the truth.

She’s also had someone challenge her residency, as it’s believed she lives in Somerville with her boyfriend Owen Thomas, the man who filmed her naked with her son after having anal sex, and whose unregistered car she was driving when she crashed. She told the Herald last week that she no longer lives in the government subsidized housing in Jamaica Plain that she makes too much money to qualify to live in, but that she does live somewhere else in JP. Her government subsidized housing address was listed on the charging documents today.

Afterwards she gave a statement to the press, claiming that there were “circumstances that prevent good people from checking off all their boxes, that sometimes manifest itself by things like unpaid fines.” She says that she intends to hold herself accountable moving forward, and because she’s now been charged with a crime she understands the challenges her constituents deal with (because apparently breaking the law is a relatable thing that her voters can identify with).

Those certainly are big words from the proud holder of a high school diploma, but it doesn’t really make any sense. Also, check out the two white guys behind her who sat next to her in court.

Just look at them. Look what they wore to court. I can tell everything I need to know about them by their appearance alone. This is who got her elected. This is who she represents.

But what exactly are the circumstances that prevented her from “checking off all her boxes?” She’s had 10 years to renew her license and chose not to. And how does that explain driving 53 in a 25 with an unrestrained child after repeatedly posting about how she was concerned about “traffic violence” and unsafe roads?

Kendra Lara, Ricardo Arroyo, and Tania Fernandes-Anderson aren’t just liberals hellbent on destroying our society, they are also pure evil. They hurt innocent people like Georgia Kalogerakis, an elderly woman who spent her entire life giving back to the community as a Boston Public Schools teacher. They hurt the children they abuse and neglect. They marry convicted murderers. They rape women and still try to run for Suffolk County District Attorney. They plot with US Attorney’s to defame anyone who gets in their way.

But alas, they were all elected to office in the first place. If any of these people get re-elected in November then we don’t have a politician problem, we have a people problem. Until that gets addressed nothing will change. 


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