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Kendra Lara Has Posted About Driving To Other States Multiple Times Despite Not Having A License Since 2014, City Councilors Won’t Demand Resignation


It has been nearly a week since Boston City Councilor Kendra Lara crashed her car into a house while speeding on a densely populated Jamaica Plain street without a license in an unregistered, uninsured vehicle, that sent her unrestrained autistic child to the ER and badly damaged one of her constituent’s homes. As of this writing Lara has not made a public statement, no official charges have been filed against her, and there is no court date for a magistrate’s hearing.

Thus far the only statement from her office was this:

“This afternoon Councilor Lara and her son Zaire were in a car accident near the Monument in Jamaica Plain. Zaire was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital where he received several stitches. The Councilor thanks the responding officer from Boston Police substation E13, Boston EMS, Boston Fire, and the attending team in the Children’s Hospital emergency room for their care. She also thanks the neighbors and bystanders who came to their aid on the scene. It was a scary situation for everyone involved but thankfully Councilor Lara and Zaire are expected to make a full recovery. She asks for privacy at this time.”

Right on cue the Boston Police Department went into coverup mode, blacking out Lara’s name from their original report.

The report claims that she will be summonsed for operation of an unregistered vehicle, operation of an uninsured vehicle, and operating a vehicle after suspension. But why isn’t there a child endangerment charge?

A person may violate Massachusetts G.L. c. 265, § 13L in two ways; either by wantonly or recklessly creating a substantial risk to a child, or by wantonly and recklessly failing to take reasonable steps to alleviate such a risk. 

Lara chose not to put the child in a booster seat, she chose to speed, she chose to drive a car when she wasn’t legally allowed to, and as a result of her choices her son was severely injured. There is more than enough probable cause to charge her.

It’s also notable that Lara will go in front of a clerk magistrate for a probable cause hearing, rather than going in front of a judge. This is done when it’s unclear whether or not not there is probable cause to charge a defendant, and the hearings are not open to the public because the defendant has not yet been charged with a crime.

But there is no reason to have a probable cause hearing in front of a clerk magistrate when probable cause is this obvious. If a person shoots another person in broad daylight and multiple people witness it then it goes right in front of a judge. Kendra Lara’s license was suspended, the car she was driving was unregistered, and the car was not insured. These are undeniable facts, and more than enough PC to skip the magistrate’s hearing.

Since then we’ve learned that Lara’s license has been revoked since 2014. Lara previously failed to pay fines and costs, drove a car without a registration, and failed to appear for a 2014 court date in Connecticut.

In 2022 she intentionally got a Massachusetts ID card (something opponents of voter ID like Lara tell us that black people are unable to do) instead of taking steps to clear up her license issues in Connecticut. She just doesn’t feel like paying the fines or obeying the law.

Who will pay for the damage to the house if Lara doesn’t have insurance? It doesn’t matter because people like her have never once thought where money comes from. The entire concept of insurance is socialist in nature, in that people pay into a collective that only certain people end up using. Lara pretends to be a socialist, but she’s really just a libertarian, which is why she drives without a license or insurance.

Lara knows full well she does not have a license, yet she drives all the time and is bold enough to post about it on social media, including a 6 hour trip with her son to Vermont and another 6 hour trip to Atlantic City for a NAACP convention.


She refers to car accidents as “traffic violence” and calls it a public health crisis.

She ran on a platform of “traffic calming measures” to make our streets safer for bikers and pedestrians.

Last week she virtue signaled about shutting down the same street she was speeding on before crashing, and posed with a guy wearing a “war on cars” shirt.

She has specifically mentioned Centre Street as a cause for safety and concern.

Owen Thomas is the Boston Public School teacher whose unregistered car Lara was driving. Thomas previously filmed Lara after finishing anal sex, showing her bottomless while her son was in the room.


Thomas has prior charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and unarmed robbery.

My question is, why isn’t anyone on the Boston City Council demanding her resignation? City Council President Ed Flynn put out a meaningless statement condemning her actions and stating that Boston residents deserve better.

Translation – I’m too scared of being called racist to demand this criminal’s resignation.


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  1. Redacting is so 90’s. These officers should de contacting MSP Officer Proctor to become acquainted with the fine art of intentional misspelling.

  2. If I’m being honest, Kendra Lara and stuff like this is exactly what Boston deserves and voted for. I am so disturbed by the anal sex confession video with the child present. Not even remotely surprised it was his unregistered, uninsured, uninspired car being driven by our unlicensed city councilor.

  3. As an aside, with those charges, Owen Thomas absolutely should not be allowed to teach other people’s children. Is there any Boston institution that isn’t an absolute disgrace?

  4. Tell this disgusting oxygen thief that she gets no state or federal bennies until it’s paid off, or would that be considered rayciss??

    anyone who thinks this pos is gonna give up the easy 100k is nuts, she’ll never resign. Put up good candidates and beat her dumb ass. Her and Kim janey share a brain so debating her would be comic relief

  5. TB needs to relax, Danny Risteen and I let her go multiple times after I took over Danny’s job as Commander of the State Police in Boston. You need to know who to take care of and who to screw to get ahead like Danny and I did.

  6. Lmao the Greg Lemond hat jag off with the “War on Cars” shirt guy taking a picture with Kendra holding a dildo, sits on (doesn’t ride)an electric bike. Wonder how that douche bag thinks his little pussy scooter gets charged….faux fossil fuel warrior.

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