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Kyle “Pure” Kennedy Is Out Of Jail, Released A Private Letter From Aaron Hernandez About Their Romantic Sexual Relationship In Shirley Max


In April 2017 we introduced the world to Kyle “Pure” Kennedy.


The violent career criminal from Uxbridge with ties to the Stanley Brothers Church of End Times cult was transferred to Shirley Max due to his likeliness to cause trouble with less dangerous populations, where he met the love of his life – Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez’ fiance and attorney Jose Baez both denied that Kennedy was Hernandez’ prison lover and refused to hand over an alleged note the former Patriots star had written him before taking his own life. However, once it was revealed that Kennedy had legally sold his soul to another inmate in juvenile detention (who saved the receipt) in exchange for access to a Gameboy, it became evident that anything was possible with this individual.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.53.06 PM

Sure, he cracked a lot of gay jokes before being incarcerated.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.51.03 PM

But that was all part of his persona establishing himself as the hardest dude in Uxbridge.

Kennedy was released from jail two weeks ago, and I would love to have him on the Live show, but it looks like he took down his Facebook page. If you know Mr. Pure, please tell him to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected] I’m sure it would be an eye opening interview since Kennedy is in a talking mood lately. He sat down for an interview conducted by WBZ News and an author who is writing a book about Hernandez, and is using Kennedy as a primary source. According to Kennedy, Aaron Hernandez was a serial killer who murdered four people, simply because he felt disrespected by them.

“I’ve lied on the stand a hundred times.”

Sounds like the kind of guy I’d use as a primary source reference in a non-fiction book I was writing.

Then again, if you can’t trust a man-bunned career criminal covered in facial tattoos and broken dreams, then who can you trust?

Granted, I don’t doubt for a moment that Hernandez used him like a handicapped parking spot while in jail. Lots of people have come forward and alleged that Hernandez was gay, and if you put a man in prison for life with a nice piece of white chocolate pie like Kyle Kennedy, there’s going to be boning. That’s just science.

Kennedy described their first sexual encounter for WBZ.

“He told me just lay down, close your eyes and shut off the lights And that was the first time.”

Still a better love story than Twilight.

This line about carrying on their relationship after being released from jail was interesting though.

“We could be together in the street, what would people say?”

In the street? Hernandez was planning on moving to Uxbridge after being granted early release on his life sentence? He would’ve been massively disappointed that the mean “streets” in Uxbridge mostly consist of farms and the public library.

But I can see why Kennedy thought the relationship would’ve continued on outside of prison after reading the letter Hernandez sent Pure.

I just wanted to tell you this morning that I love you. You never have to question us. I will stop questioning you and us. I realized through our thing over the past few days how much I love you and how much I want you and us. Mainly how I want you [to] know what real love, real loyalty is, and to experience someone who is with you through all in life. We will have ups and downs. Times of some pain and suffering, but together we will make it right. I’m sorry for overreacting, but it’s something I have to work on, because I’m used to being done dirty my whole life.

No doubt there were many “times of some pain and suffering.” Mostly because Kennedy had to walk with a limp for three days every time he got alone time with Hernandez.

“I know I have my own issues as we all do, but you could always keep it real with me too. It will help me grow too. Just know I’m here for you to help you through all in life. I’ve got your back, your front, your side, and you for eternity. I know I’m going to go through hell dealing with you in life, but I can’t even give up on you, because that’s the type of love I have. Now you see why love is my weakness in life and how I go so far for the ones I have love for. All your issues are and will always be my issues. We will try to avoid all with respect, but if your crazy mouth gets you into s**t, I’ll be there always, even though I’m going to want to beat your a** after, LOL. Never question me or hide anything. That’s all I ask. I got you.

He’s got your back, your front, and your side for eternity. But mostly your back. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. After all, who could resist this while knowing that you’ll never have a chance to have sex with a woman ever again?


“I hope you have a great day, you will. Come to my door, ASAP. I miss you so much. You should be awake, knowing you sleep all f***ing day, LOL. I just wish we were cellmates, so I could at least kiss you on the forehead and say I love you. Then let you sleep while I make sure you have your coffee ready when you wake up. (Spoiled b***h!) I wouldn’t have it any other way. I truly love you that much. No words can describe it, nor will it ever, but I’m still stressing.

Aaron Hernandez knew that Kennedy was a valuable asset in the prison community. He was worth at least a carton of Newports at commissary, so he had to treat him right. I hope my wife doesn’t read this blog, because she’ll be insanely jealous of Kennedy after finding out that his lover at least made coffee for him every morning.

“You told me you didn’t want to be on the block anymore. Did you really mean that? I mean, I’ve said way worse, so I understand, but still, it made me almost hang myself. I can’t even imagine them separating us. I’ll feel like I’m missing all of me. F**k half of me. I love you that much. I jut wanted you to begin this day knowing how loved you are and that you have someone through it all in life. Someone who will never not stand by you, not have your back, but only show you true love and true loyalty like you never experienced. I have you forever. I haven’t told you in a little, but you are perfect. I know I’m blessed to have you. I will let you know that forever and no matter what we have to overcome, we all have to grow in life. It’s a never-ending growth in life, but I’ll be with you through all of it. True ride or die.”

Did Aaron Hernandez really kill himself because Pure got moved to a different cell block? Guess that’s what happens when you’re the most coveted prison wife in Shirley and you like to play hard to get.


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