Lawrence Midget Rapper Warns Facebook Yard Sale Group About Woman Who Sold Him EBT Card With No Money On It


We’ve published a lot of blogs over the years as part of our Food Stamp Friday series, in which ratchets get exposed for buying and selling food stamps for discount prices on Facebook. But for the first time in history we have a ratchet leaving bad reviews about another ratchet he purchased food stamps off of. He goes by Pequeno Gigante on Facebook, and of course he’s from Lawrence. He’s really upset with a woman named Sonia Leonardo because she sold him her EBT card, said there was money on it, and ended up reporting the card as lost so he was forced to pay for his own blunts and 40’s.

If you can’t trust an EBT hog sell her food stamps on Facebook then who can ya trust?

The first thing I do when I see someone selling food stamps on Facebook is go through their pictures and look for “the hat.” Took about 5 seconds this time.

Never fails. Ever.

Pequento Gigante means “little giant” in Spanish, so at least my man here has a sense of humor.

Elf on the welf is also an aspiring rapper who goes by the name “El Chico Dollar,” because one day he hopes to make at least one dollar off his music, and he’ll finally be able to buy that step up stool and brush his teeth without asking Mom for a boost. Seems unlikely though.


Somehow this video, which isn’t so much a video as it is a collection of photographs of Elf on the Welf posing as a drug dealing hardo, has 177K views.

Don’t blow all that cash on food stamp cards from strangers kid!

Until he gets his big break Elf on the Welf will have to stick to selling bootleg jewelry and buying stolen iPhones on Lawrence yard sale pages in order to pay the rent.

As always, if he wants to come on the Live Show this weekend and share his side of the story Elf on the Welf is more than welcome to message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, or email [email protected] and we can make that happen.


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