Lawrence Pizza Delivery Man Tries To Lure 12 Year Old Girls For Sex On Social Media By Offering Weed 


This is Javier Ortiz from Lawrence.

He’s a pizza delivery man in his 30’s who may or may not live out of his car, spends most of his free time messaging pre-teen girls he finds on Facebook and Instagram, and tries to coerce them into sex by luring them with marijuana. Last week he was exposed on a vigilante predator poacher Facebook page called Creeps and Skinnas, after a mother of a 12 year old Haverhill girl was alerted that he was trying to make her his latest victim.

According to the mother Chomo Erectus took his Facebook page down, but his friends list was full of teenage girls, and she recognized several of them and alerted their parents.


Chomo Erectus initiated conversation with the 12 year old girl on Instagram and tried to get her to meet up to smoke weed with him. She told him that if he wasn’t under 16 they should not be hanging out when she asked how old he was. When she informed him how old she was he asked if she was a virgin and said he was going to “break ya back,” which according to Urban Dictionary means “when someone is really good at sex and leaves you sore the next day.” He then asked her to send him pictures, used cringe teenage vernacular like “fw you” (fuck with you, AKA you’re cool enough to hang out with), gave her advice on how to sneak out of her house with her parents finding out, and urged her to bring young friends with her.

The post was shared over 800 times and he was immediately fired from his job at Mano’s Pizza.

This guy reminds me of another Lawrence predator we wrote about a few years ago named Mago Rivera, who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl from Amesbury named Chloe Ricard before dumping her lifeless body off at the hospital. Rivera preyed on her because she came from a crappy home with a neglectful mother and an abusive stepdad. She was in an alternative school and her parents didn’t even report her missing because they were too busy posting about the Bruins on Facebook. Her stepfather Brian Dolan came on the Live Show and showed his true abusive colors.

Chloe’s Facebook page was filled with posts about drinking and sex, and clearly was not monitored by her parents.

But luckily the 12 year old girl Javier Ortiz preyed on had a mother who monitored her social media and was able to alert authorities immediately. If you have a kid that young and you let them use social media, then you have a responsibility to monitor it and must have access to their login. For their own protection twelve year old girls do not have a right to privacy from their parents online because there are plenty of people like Chomo Erectus out there looking for vulnerable girls who think that disgusting 30 year old neckbeaded men with pot are worth blowing for drugs.

If you have a daughter that age in live in that area ask them if they’ve been contacted by this man and feel free to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]. I’m sure there are more victims as people like this don’t just randomly message young girls in such a confident manner if they haven’t done it before.


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