Lawsuit Part 1: Me And 10 Women Are Being Sued By Jamie Genereux Over Comments About His Business After Manch Blogged About His Involvement With Jerod Mayo’s Dead Dog


We’re being sued again, and it might be the most absurd lawsuit of them all. And although I have no doubt myself and the other 10 defendants will prevail, this will be time consuming and costly. People who abuse the court system suffer no penalties in this country and more often than not do not have to pay the court fees for the people they harass via these frivolous lawsuits. For that reason we graciously accept any and all financial contributions you’d like to make by donating to the turtle fund hereThe man who’s suing us this time is named Jamie Genereux.

The 156 page complaint in its entirety can be read on Turlteboy Sports by clicking here because I can’t figure out how to embed a PDF on this site.

Allow me to explain.

In August one of our former contributors to the Turtleboy platform, Manchester Turtlette, wrote a 4 part blog series about Off Leash K-9 training company after former New England Patriots star Jerrod Mayo’s dog disappeared and later was found dead at the trainer’s apartment. Amelia Ferreira has since been arrested, but she was only part of the story. I was on a cruise to Bermuda when Manch published the blogs so I didn’t read them or have any oversight whatsoever in regards to the blogs.

Turtleboy, like Facebook and Twitter, is legally a platform. Users like Manchester Turtlette can sign up to have accounts and publish commentary on our platform. And according to CDA section 230, platforms are not legally responsible for user generated content that is defamatory. I don’t take down commentary or blogs published by users from the platform unless I get a number of negative reports about it, just like Facebook does. And Manch’s blogs were taken down recently because quite frankly, they weren’t very good. It started off strong and she promised that she would really expose this company, but parts 2-4 just rambled on about nothing and didn’t fit the brand at all. When I got back from Bermuda my inbox was filled with complaints urging me to end the series because it was so painful, so I pulled the plug, much like Zuckerberg does when users create content that hurts his platform.

I’m now being sued over this blog series, but not by Off Leash K-9. Instead I’m being sued by Jamie Genereux, a Rhode Island man who owns Packleader PetTrackers, a company that people pay to search for and find their missing dogs. It should be noted that PetTrackers has very favorable things come up when you search for the company or Jamie Genereux on Google.

His tracking dogs have found many people’s missing dogs.

He tied into the story that Manch wrote because it was alleged by Chantel Mayo and others that Amelia Ferreira hired Genereux to find Knox. In an Instagram post Chantel stated that “you guys simply hired a friend to stage a whole drowning incident.”


According to another dog tracker named Samantha who admires Genereux, Jamie spoke with the owners of Knox (the Mayo’s) and informed them that Knox had drown in a pond in Wrentham. Samantha also alleged that Chantel did not believe this because Knox didn’t like water, but insisted that Jamie’s dogs are reliable.

This is what Manch wrote about it:

The following day, June 29th Off Leash K9 calls in a company we will be exploring in this series as well by the name of Packleader PetTrackers out of providence, RI. The owner by the name of Jamie Genereux tells another tracker, Samantha Jane at another tracking company named Wandering Paws that over several days he had tracked Knox’s scent to a nearby unoccupied house, then back to the pond at Joe’s Rock and that some of Knox’s remains are found and that Knox’s body had likely sunk to the bottom, strange as the bodies of deceased anything tend to float as gases release that raise them to the top.

Whatever the case was, by July 7th the Mayo family had hired a dive team to search for Knox and since this pet tracking company had completely made up the story of Knox drowning, a reoccurring theme that will be explored later, they didn’t find anything. At this point in the investigation there is a stand still. That same day, Amelia was pulled over for driving with a suspended license and gave a statement to police when questioned about the whereabouts of  Knox. In a surprising turn of events, she admitted to the police that she had never been to Joe’s Rock with Knox. So…how did Packleader track Knox all the way out there if this woman never took him out there? Hmmm, that’s going to be hard to explain, isn’t it?

This investigation into Off Leash K9 Training,LLC is not going to be pretty. In fact, it’s going to be down right disturbing. You’re going to be shown how dogs are mistreated, lost or possibly stolen and how they die. You’ll learn how they hire animal abusers with criminal records, some showing past arrests for animal cruelty. We will be showing you how their training methods are deplorable and how a terrified dog isn’t a trained dog. The investigation into Packleader PetTrackers is going to be enraging, as you’ll come to find that this guy likes to take credit for other people’s finds and will readily charge an insane amount of money to produce nothing. You’ll be amazed at home many animals “must have drowned” just like Knox, except oftentimes those people don’t have the money to hire divers or have their dogs show up weeks later or be found by real dog trackers. We’ll also show you what to look for when hiring real dog trainers and trackers, the do’s and don’t. This will hopefully ensure that your pet is kept safe from these animals, and if they go missing will actually be found. Ultimately, this series will be for the justice of these dogs and their families. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow where we will be discussing how Off Leash has scrubbed the internet of their social media accounts (nothing shady about that!), the “trainer” that trained Amelia and how Packleader has completely ripped off many other folks. See you guys then!

First of all, this writing style is atrocious. It’s OK if you’re writing a blog about ratchets, but this was supposed to be a serious investigative series, which is why I pulled the plug.

Secondly, this was from Part 1, but she never revisited any of the stuff about PetTrackers in the 3 later installments. Jamie Genereux was alerted to this blog and is suing us over the bolded language in particular.

However, none of it is defamatory. She did indeed speak with more than one former client of his who paid him money to find their missing dogs, told him the dogs were dead, and found out shortly afterwards the dogs were alive. Two of these former clients are now being sued by him alongside me. This is the list of defendants in the case which was filed in Middlesex Superior Court on March 14:

I was alerted to this lawsuit on April 8, but was never served until last week. None of the other women on that list have been served. The two women who hired him previously were Melinda Lawrence and Dawn Titus-Bankert. The rest are all associated with Missing Dogs Massachusetts, a non-profit volunteer organization that he considers a competitor because they do what he does for free.

Here’s what he’s suing Melinda and Dawn for:

Keep in mind, these are former customers freely expressing their views about a man they paid to provide them with a service which they feel was not completed properly. Melinda Lawrence left this comment on our Facebook page underneath the blog, which was the lone piece of evidence used against her in this lawsuit:

According to her she paid him $750 to find her dog and he told her the dog had jumped in the Providence River. She ended up finding the dog alive in a water treatment facility in Rumford, which she claims she brought Jamie’s tracking dogs to days earlier. As a former customer she has every right to be upset about this and air her grievances publicly. For this she is being sued.

When I first found out I was being sued I contacted Melinda who told me that nothing in the article was untrue.

All Manch did was report legitimate complaints from other people. Her style wasn’t the best, but her facts were not wrong based on the evidence provided.

Dawn is a former customer who has been much more aggressive on her own Facebook page, but to my knowledge she didn’t comment on any Turtleboy articles directly. She has a very similar story to Melinda.

Again, this is a former customer airing legitimate complaints about a business publicly. She’s well within her rights to do so, and she’s been doing it going on four years now. He didn’t decide to sue her until the Turtleboy blog came out though, since the story that Chantel Mayo is alleging is very similar to her’s and Melinda’s.

It’s indisputable that the Mayo family did in fact hire a dive team to search the pond where they were told by someone that Knox’s body would be found:

That led Mayo to coordinate a search for Knox that included “scuba teams, private investigators, lawyers and more,” the two-time Pro Bowler wrote on Instagram following Ferreira’s arrest, and lasted over a month, until Knox was found dead in a trash bag in Ferreira’s closet on Aug. 5. 

Did Jamie Genereux tell the Mayo family that? Chantel Mayo won’t get back to me, so unless this goes to trial and we call her as a witness, all we have to go on is the word of the other pet tracker Sam:

And she said that Chantel did not believe Jamie when he said the dogs were in the water. Manch just reported that.

In the lawsuit Jamie’s attorney has included as evidence a copy of a demand letter, which they claim was sent to me certified mail in November 2018. I never received this letter, but they insist that I did. However, certified mail must be signed by the person it’s delivered to, and I never signed anything.

This whole thing was a surprise to me, and I had no idea who Genereux even was when I was alerted to it. In the letter they claim that Jamie Genereux has been damaged by the blog, and says that he spoke with Manch after Part 1 came out and that she assured him that “I’m going to clear you of any deception or shady activity here,” in the next installment of her blog series. She never did that (and if Jamie Genereux can provide evidence that he never told the Mayo’s that I’d be happy to publish that), and a couple weeks later I ended the series because of all the negative complaints it was getting. Nowhere in the 156 page complaint filled with screenshots as evidence are there any screenshots of communication between Genereux and Manch, who he is not suing.

If I had received this letter certified mail I probably would’ve taken the blogs down, not because they’re libelous, but because I got so many complaints about her writing style from turtle riders. Not worth it.

I attempted to contact Genereux about the lawsuit and inform him that I was willing to take it down for the sake of avoiding a long and costly lawsuit that we’d both have to pay for, over a blog I didn’t write or publish, and which no longer exists. If he truly was worried about his reputation when people search for his name (the blog didn’t come up on Google page 1 searches for Jamie Genereux), then I would think he would take the offer. Since he has the money to blow on a lawsuit like this I have to assume business is going well for him. He hasn’t responded, but he has been passive aggressively posting about me on his Facebook page.

He says that I’m “responsible for the untrue, defamatory news piece,” which wasn’t really about his company to begin with. This is just a lie. I didn’t write any blog about him, because I was in Bermuda, and I’m certainly not the blogger who hit the publish button.

He posted this on April 25, which is clearly a passive-aggressive threat:

And he quoted Jay-Z the other day, in what is obviously directed towards me in a threatening manner:

“Y’all articles hock spit at Jay.”

“Y’all fell into the booby trap, I set the trap just to see the dude react, and now you’s cant leave.”

There’s more to this story so I’m going to have to publish a part 2 that shows you what he’s doing to the other 8 defendants, and how several turtle riders reading this right now also have screenshotted comments in the complaint.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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