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Lawyer Hired By Julia Mejia To Sue Turtleboy Has Been Charged With Strangulation Of Ex-Wife, Violating Restraining Order, Striking 2 Daughters


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This is Boston Attorney Anthony Ellison.

He is the brother of Minnesota AG and former Congressman Keith Ellison, who was elected in 2018 despite accusations from his ex-girlfriend and her son that he abused her.

Anthony Ellison is representing Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia in her lawsuit against Turtleboy for reporting on factual things that she did. But Ellison has quite the past himself, and has a long history of defending scummy people.

In 2020 he filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client Felix Arroyo, the brother of accused rapist and Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, and the son of long time City Councilor and perpetual taxpayer leech Felix Arroyo Sr. Arroyo ran for Mayor of Boston in 2013 and lost in the primary. He endorsed Marty Walsh and was rewarded with a job in his administration after Walsh won. However, Arroyo was fired in 2017 after being accused of sexual harassment, leading to his lawsuit against the city, which is ongoing. When the firefighter husband of the woman he allegedly harassed confronted him in public Arroyo tried to weaponize the courts against him by filing a criminal complaint for witness intimidation (due to the ongoing lawsuit with the city).

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Last year when multiple women accused Ricardo Arroyo of sexual assault when he was a high school student, Ellison represented him.

In 2021 we wrote extensively about a 16 year old black girl from Hopkinton named Mikayla Miller after she committed suicide, and Monica Cannon-Grant and the girl’s mother Calvina Strothers made up a complete lie about Mikayla getting lynched by 5 white teenagers. Prior to Mikayla’s death Strothers was facing charges of child abuse against her daughter, who was in the foster care system. Strothers was indignant and had a court appointed attorney since March of 2021. Then Monica got involved, promoted her fraudulent GoFundMe, and Strothers hired Anthony Ellison instead on May 12 – a week after we exposed that the whole thing was a sham.

Ellison is the attorney of choice for every race baiting, grifting Bostonian, and high profile politician accused of sexual misconduct against women. Perhaps this is because he has a lot of personal experience due to his history of troubling behavior.

In 2009 Ellison was charged with driving with a suspended license, and in 2015 he defaulted in a civil case after being sued by Nstar Electric Company and ordered to pay $11,539.57.

In 2012 he was charged with OUI in Quincy District Court, but more recently he has been charged with strangulation, violation of an abuse prevention order, and assault and battery on a family member (his ex-wife).

In the strangulation case he was represented by none other than Ricardo Arroyo.

The strangulation charge was issued in April of 2018. At that time an order was placed on Ellison to have no contact with Isabel Centeio-Ellison, to stay away from her home in Randolph, and to wear a GPS monitoring device. Literally two days later he was charged with violating that order after saying something on the phone to their son and unnamed third parties.

Remarkably the Norfolk County DA did not move to revoke his bail, which is an extraordinary move according to sources we spoke with on the condition of anonymity.

“As a former ADA I can easily say the policy of the office is to move to revoke anyone’s bail that is charged with a crime of domestic violence who allegedly commits more acts of domestic violence against the same person.”

In this attorney’s opinion Ellison knows that Mejia’s lawsuit is without merit and has no shot at winning, as the bar for defamation on a public figure is extremely high. They believe Ellison is doing this as a personal favor, since there is almost no chance of making a penny off of a judgment.

Her being a public figure and the careful wording of your blogs make the defamation case impossible. No way any attorney would think they had a shot to see a penny. The filing of this is clearly a personal favor. No way he thinks he has a shot at winning.

I’ve seen this multiple times before with attorneys who take on libel cases against me that they know don’t stand a chance of prevailing. Often the attorney is adding up the billable hours on clients (Failure Swift, Jamie Genereux), which many consider to be unethical. I’ve spoken with many attorneys who won’t take a case that they don’t think has a chance of winning because they’re honest and don’t want to bilk their clients.

Perhaps they worked out some sort of deal for the publicity if Mejia is not paying his hourly rates. Ellison was listed as on the host committee for a fundraiser for Boston’s first Afro-Latina she/her of color last year.

Julia isn’t afraid to be associated with attorneys who have been accused of violence against women.

In the strangulation case Ellison attempted to defend himself by accusing his ex-wife of cheating on him for 10 years, and plotting with the man she was sleeping with to write fraudulent checks. He suggested there was a conspiracy between the prosecution and the victim (his ex-wife) to avoid charging her with forgery in exchange for her cooperation against Ellison.

But a magistrate found probable cause to charge him anyway.

Ultimately Ellison had a jury trial and was found not guilty of domestic violence against his ex-wife, much like OJ Simpson was. However, the documents in their ongoing divorce case in Norfolk County Probate court are more troubling.

An affidavit written by Ellison’s ex-wife accused Ellison of embarrassing their 14 year old son at the Detroit airport after causing a scene that required security to be called. She said that Ellison had a short temper and was unpredictable. She also alleged that on April 14th and 15th of 2018 Ellison hit her repeatedly, took her phone, and told her that he intended to kill her.

Isabel Centeio Ellison had custody of their son, but Ellison wanted to bring him to Detroit to visit with his family. He name dropped his brother Keith in court documents, promised to make sure that his son would be free to contact his mother whenever he wanted, and come home early if he felt uncomfortable.

The charges against Ellison were so serious that he was not allowed to bring his son to his apartment, and all of their visits had to be in public places.


With the criminal case ongoing Ellison attempted to depose his wife in their divorce case. Her attorney filed a motion opposing it, arguing that the proposed deposition was just a way for Ellison to continue to harass her and intimidate her into not testifying against him.

The motion accuses Ellison of having a “history of violent and explosive behavior,” against not only her, but their two daughters. The motion noted that she had an order on him due to the alleged abuse, and said that he could only visit with his son in public because he had previously struck his daughters. It also states that their son resisted visitation time with Ellison.

Like Arroyo did after being accused of sexual assault on multiple girls, Ellison portrayed himself as the victim in probate court. He accused his ex-wife of having him arrested on “false allegations of violating a restraining order,” even though a magistrate determined that there was probable cause to charge him.


In his divorce case Ellison was represented by Attorney Ernst Guerrier, who shares an office with him on Gallivan Boulevard. An attorney we spoke with on the condition of anonymity found it hard to believe that Guerrier was charging Ellison his normal rate, since the pleadings were so sloppily written.

He is represented by someone he shares office space with in Dorchester and obviously the quality of the work is terrible and his colleague is not charging him.

A motion filed by his ex-wife stated that Ellison never showed any payments for legal fees, and likewise doubted that Guerrier actually expected payment from him. Yet Ellison still tried to get his wife to pay him $37K in legal fees for the divorce.

His ex-wife was a homemaker who raised their children and admittedly did not have job skills after they divorced. There is no way she had that kind of money, and highly unlikely that she made more money than him. This is just a different way to hurt his ex-wife for standing up for herself.

He also blamed her for having to pay Ricardo Arroyo $52K to represent him in his criminal trial for the strangulation charge.

One person who is not supporting Mejia in her lawsuit is Monica Cannon-Grant, because Monica is upset that Mejia stopped publicly supporting her after Monica was charged with a whole bunch of felonies in federal court. Monica has even threatened to go after any politician that offered Julia support in her lawsuit against me, because Julia didn’t offer support to Monica.

I also noticed that Boston Globe editor Shirley Leung shared Mejia’s libelous statement that I am a white supremacist who only investigated Mejia because she is an Afro-Latina she/her of color.

Calvina Strothers, Felix Arroyo, Ricard Arroyo, Julia Mejia, Anthony Ellison – all of these scummy people run in the same circles because they’re all so similar. Many of them are criminals using the Trojan Horse of equity to pass as respectable members of society. And the second someone like Turtleboy comes along and calls them out for what they are they immediately file a lawsuit to try to silence us. We intend on fighting them every step of the way, because I don’t back down to bullies. If you’d like to help us please feel free to donate to our legal defense fund by clicking here.


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