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Leicester Attorney Mike Shivick Drops Lawsuits Against 2 Citizens For Disagreeing With Him After Being Publicly Shamed On TB


Breaking news: Disgraced Leicester Attorney and Moose Hill Water Commissioner Michael Shivick has dropped his lawsuits against the two citizens he sued for disagreeing with him about beaver poop on his water commissioner Facebook page.

This happened as a direct result of the public humiliation he suffered from becoming TB famous, and Attorney Ryan McClane who reached out to represent one of the defendants.

Two days after the blog was published exposing him for being the bully that he is, Shivick confronted me at the gym, threatened to sue me, took pictures and selfies with me, and then ran crying to the manager when I began recording him before calling the West Boylston Police to file a complaint, despite hating the police because they arrested him for selling pot in the 90’s.

You can watch the whole video of that interaction by joining Turtle Club and watching the premium stream from 2 weeks ago.

Although the lawsuit is over Shivick still lives with his mother, where his law office is located, and threatened to sue the Town of Leicester after the police pulled him over and towed his car when he was driving with a suspended license.

It’s nice that the lawsuit was dropped and the good guys win, but he he should also resign from his position and no longer be allowed to practice law in Massachusetts. Courts are not playgrounds for lunatics like this, and civilians shouldn’t have to worry about being sued if they disagree publicly with an elected official. Had we not written about this he never would’ve dropped the lawsuit. He abused his positions and is no longer worthy of holding them.  I’d say that he should be banned from Planet Fitness but he told me that he no longer feels safe there because of me, despite being the one who confronted and threatened me.

P.S. Special shoutout to Leicester Selectmen John Shocik, who defeated Shitdick by a 2 to 1 margin in 2019 and was rocking his new TB Live hat at the most recent meeting.

Lookin sharp John!


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