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Leominster “Essential Workers” Post “Virus Got Nothing On Us” Twisted Tea Party On Snapchat


Earlier today I published a blog admonishing Chinese coronavirus “snitch culture,” where people are urged to post harmless pictures of their neighbors going for walks and minding their own business. And although I’m against that, there are certainly occasions when public shaming is warranted. This picture from Leominster is one of those times when it’s warranted.

I think we can all agree that the most offensive part about this picture is the fact that there’s 10 dudes, one chick, and copious amounts of Twisted Tea. You can’t be a rugged man’s man with work boots and a chinstrap and drink a chick’s drink. That’s something that I think we all agree should be an arrestable offense.

What will stand out more than anything is that big fat confederate flag in the background in front of 11 white dudes, all of whom curve the brim of their hats and look like they have pictures of themselves holding fish they just caught somewhere on Facebook. I have strong feelings about the confederate flag, but in short I think it’s a flag to commemorate cowards and traitors who started a war and then begged for mercy when General Sherman stuck his big fat union boot up their Dixie assholes. Anyone from the north who flies it is an idiot and is just doing it to piss off liberals. It doesn’t mean they’re racist, it just means they’re stupid.

However, that only amplifies the most absurd part of the photograph – the caption “Virus got nothing on us.” Imagine being that out of touch with how this virus spreads? If you go for a walk and your neighbor posts a picture of you on Facebook then your neighbor is the problem. If you go out of your way to post a picture of you and 10 other people drinking a girl’s drink at a gang bang with a caption like that, then you deserve every bit of public shaming that is coming your way. You’re literally asking for it.

People like this are the reason that people like me are stuck in quarantine. They may not have the virus, and they may not have spread it. But they are the reason the economy is tanking, our civil liberties are being taken away, and they’re way too stupid to realize it. This is how you get martial law.

At the same time, we as a society have to factor morons into the equation when setting policy. When Dr. Fauci and the scarf lady tell us all to stay in our homes they’re being naive and negligent if they don’t recognize that people like this exist. Same goes with ghetto culture. You’re not going to get dumb people to buy in.

Anyway, the guy who posted it on Twitter is “doxxing” the people in the picture and posting their workplaces, but in this case it seems justified.

But if you’re an “essential” worker and you’re dumb enough to post something like this then you deserve to be fired. This is the response AJ Paquet, whose name alone screams “I peaked in high school” sent the OP.

And just like that any sympathy I had for them was gone.

“You don’t have the right to post where I work.”

Cry more AJ. You work at a gas station. You’re not “essential,” the company you work for is.

The reference to razors was apparently about the OP’s self harm history.

So as it turns out this was just Karma and AJ Paquet deserved every bit of the public shaming he is now receiving.

Then there’s this maroon, Jay Baldy Jr.

Uh-oh, we’ve got a tough guy!

“We get together and have a few drinks after a work week longer than we are used to for you people.”

Oh, buzz off you self important grease monkey. You are not a hero because you’re lucky enough to have a job while millions of other Americans are forced out of their’s per edict of the government. I’d say that I hope you all get the commie cold and die, but unfortunately it doesn’t kill people as young and stupid as this.

The bottom line is that snitch culture is still bad, but this isn’t snitch culture. These are nudniks who rightfully deserved to be publicly shamed. And any “plan” from Dr. Fauci that counts on people like this to do the right thing isn’t a real plan.


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