Leominster High School Students Are Blowing Up Our Inbox With Doctored Photo Falsely Attributing Racist Comment To Us About Viral Assault Video


Today my IG inbox was filled with messages from Leominster High School students who were quite upset over last night’s blog about the 16 year old student who viciously assaulted a student who had his head down in class.


The blog was brutally honest, and explained my opinion that the schools need to have zero tolerance with behavior like this. It also called out his parents for being such massive failures. Evidently this blog was not very popular with several LHS students, and a doctored image falsely attributing racist comments to me, has been making the rounds.

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It’s on the Twitter and Facebook machines too. 

I taught high school for 11 years, so I learned to be patient with kids like this. They’re in high school, they’re dumb, and it’s the job of adults to make them less dumb. I would never crap all over them because their minds aren’t developed yet, and five years from now they’ll probably look back at these messages and realize how foolish they looked. In the spirit of education I will explain to these children why they’re so misguided on this issue.

  1. Clearly I didn’t post the racist comment that’s being put up there. If I did it would say my name next to it. It’s just a screenshot of a comment that anyone could’ve made, including the person who made the collage. This is an old tactic SJWs have been using for years to try to make me look bad. Only an Internet novice would fall for it.
  2. Publishers are not responsible for third party comments left on their website. The 1996 Communications and Decency Act, Section 230 specifically exempts publishers from legal liability due to third party commenters. Without that provision no publisher would even have a comments section if it could get them in legal trouble.
  3. Calling people dirtbag criminals is not only an opinion, it’s common sense. Multiple members of his family are in jail, and if he keeps this up he will end up there too. Maybe becoming Turtleboy famous at the age of 16 will be the wakeup call his parents never gave him. His conduct was deplorable and has no place in a civilized society.
  4. Hate speech, racism, and prejudice are all legal. Discrimination isn’t, but the First Amendment protects your right to be an ignorant, racist idiot. I am none of those things, but if I was I wouldn’t be breaking the law.
  5. The fact that so many of these kids are victim blaming (baselessly claiming without evidence that the victim used racial slurs, as if that matters) without providing any evidence, is pretty troubling. If these kids can watch that video and not be disturbed by it then they need serious counseling.
  6. If you would like to prove to me that you’re on the side of good here, you probably shouldn’t threaten me in your messages. Just sayin.
  7. This screenshot comes from Stormfront.org, as you can see in the URL. That’s a forum for white nationalists, where people are discussing this viral video. It has nothing to do with TB Daily News, and there doesn’t even appear to be a link to TB Daily News there, not that that matters since we can’t control where our content is shared. Why are you kids even on white nationalist chat forums?

I hope this was educational for you students, because based on your overall understanding of the First Amendment and your lack of reading comprehension, you’ve got a learning that needs to be done.


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