Lorrayna Calle Made Fake IG Account Selling The Children Of Her Victims, Then Took Out Restraining Order Against Her Victim After Making Fake Facebook Account To Post Death Threats


If you’re not familiar with Lorrayna Call please click here to familiarize yourself. In short, she is an abusive stepmother who has been terrorizing a Fitchburg mother named Denise Ramos, and abused Denise’s 5 year old daughter because she is now married to the girl’s biological father (Denise’s ex). She’s mentally unstable and has criminal charges pending against her after she was arrested for sending threats in December. Last month she continued her campaign of online terror by making an Instagram account in which she put up for sale the children of Denise and her friend who also has an order out against Lorrayna.

This is a federal offense, but since Lorrayna operates anonymously online she is able to get away with it. Your local police department does not have the technological savvy to subpoena Instagram, Verizon, or Facebook for an IP address.

I didn’t blog about it because it’s just another crazy thing Lorrayna did. I regularly get text messages from her using a burner account, and she’s reached out to more people in my life when I don’t respond.

After the IG account was deleted selling kids, Lorrayna kicked it up a notch by creating a fake Denise Ramos account and:

  1. Sending herself death threats
  2. Posting threats towards the judge involved in Lorrayna’s upcoming trial

Both were posted from a page Lorrayna created that was designed to look like Denise. This is the exact same thing Lorrayna did when she contacted me last November. If you’ll recall how I first met Lorrayna, she messaged me from a Denise account with a screenshot of me allegedly posting her DCF abuse reports, with the hope that I would write a blog shaming Denise.

I realized that she had taken a previous post I made and photoshopped her DCF documents onto the post to make it look like I posted it.

She gave herself away because the post had the exact same amount of likes and comments as a previous post I made.

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Now Lorrayna is using these alleged threats from Denise (which she wrote herself) in an attempt to get a restraining order against the real Denise.

Judge David Despotopulos signed off on a temporary order in July, unaware of the fact that Lorrayna has pending criminal charges against her for all the death threats she made towards Denise and her daughter.

Because judges are just boomers in robes who have no idea how the Internet works. People like Kate Peter and Lorrayna Calle are able to use online anonymity to violate the law openly, manipulate courts, and turn victims into defendants.

When the kids for sale post went viral people found out where Lorrayna lived and began posting her address. Some of them showed up at her house, which Lorrayna is now blaming on Denise and using it to try to get this order, which was probably her plan to begin with because she is a diabolical psychopath.

The hearing was pushed back until today on Zoom. Since these are public hearings anyone can watch so I entered Zoom meeting ID number 16181362817 and started watching the proceedings. When Lorrayna began talking I screenshotted it and posted it on Facebook along with the ID number if people wanted to watch. Within 2 minutes the clerk pulled aside the judge, with a message, who then pulled aside the attorneys for a sidebar. She was supposed to turn the mic off but it never did and I heard her tell the lawyers that Turtleboy was recording the hearing and she didn’t know what to do since this is all a brave new world. They then turned their mics off and went to a recess until the next hearing at 2:30. This means that the clerk was monitoring my Facebook page during the proceedings, since she alerted the judge within minutes.

I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t do that so I called up the clerk’s office and apologized and we’re good now. I’ll be back on that Zoom call at 2:30. Even though the court is recording it and anyone can watch it, you can’t record it sitting in your living room. It’s like saying you can watch a show live, you just can’t DVR it. Because in the age of coronavirus nothing makes sense anymore.


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