Lowell Couple Keeps Viral Post Up About Human Trafficking Tewksbury Walmart After Discovering It’s A Toys For Toys Message


This is Chantel Kelleher from Lowell.

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As you can see, she completely rejects the idea of picking one look and sticking with it for more than 6 months. Her evolution from pink haired Hunger Games character to pregnant Kat Timpf is hard to keep track of.

This week she went shopping at the Walmart in Tewksbury when she saw writing on another person’s vehicle. She immediately assumed it was code for human traffickers, and was aghast when the police weren’t as aware as she was about the epidemic of white women who post on Facebook about their assumption that everything at Walmart is human trafficking.

The post has over 1.2K shares and counting now, and just like with all Pumpkin Spice Mafia hoaxes, every woman who comments on it is blindly buying into the hysteria.

These women will then believe this is more evidence that human traffickers are stationed at every Target and Walmart parking lot, which will lead them to believe that a Filipino man they happened to see twice in different aisles is trying to snatch their toddlers out of their shopping carts.

However, it was pointed out by several people that Toys for Tots now has people write the ages of their children on their vehicles as a COVID precaution.

Whoever drove this car just forgot to wash it off. Mystery solved.

A normal person in this situation would apologize for spreading a blatant lie designed to worry mothers about imaginary human traffickers at Walmart, but Chantel elected to simply update her post and say that although it could “possibly” be from Toys for Tots, she still did the right thing anyway because human trafficking is so common.



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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

“There’s countless posts out there with people finding marking similar to this on their car, people waiting at their cars for them, etc.”

No, there are not. There are just hysterical females like yourself freaking out over harmless things and then making viral posts about it on Facebook.

This is why women couldn’t vote until 1920. Because posts like this are almost exclusively shared and believed by women. Although in this case her husband Keanu Kelleher was also part of the problem.

It’s really the job of the husband to calm his wife down and advise her to stop doing things that will end up on Turtleboy. But instead of doing that Keanu was encouraging the hens to share this hilariously stupid post.


LOL. Priceless.

According to Tayla Leigh Kinney, Chantel “saved someone’s life today.”

She’s not even kidding either. She actually believes that and doesn’t understand why people were laughing at the post and the reactions to it.

No laughing emojis! Why are men always laughing at the fear women constantly HAVE to live in?

Oh wait, you actually don’t HAVE to live like this. Any woman who regularly reads Turtleboy is likely laughing at you too.

Some women were warned that they were falling for a hoax but still wouldn’t give up the fear porn.

“You never know.”

Actually, you do know. This is from a Toys for Tots drive. Case closed.

People who say things like “you never know,” have the same mentality of the lockdown nutjobs who told us that “you can never be too safe.” We allowed people with names that predestined them to become strippers, to shut down a $20 trillion economy.

What even is the plan for the sex traffickers here? Let Tiffany Regolino explain it:

So one of the traffickers watches to see how many kids are taken out of the car, then they mark it up with the age of each child so the other trafficker decides if kidnapping that child is worth his or her time. Sometimes their Russian oligarch clients are in the mood for a 3 year old girl, other times they’re in the mood for 5 year old twin boys. It’s all making sense now.

Many women who knew it was a Toys for Tots thing still had to say that with the caveat that human trafficking is 100% real and common.

No, it’s not. Facebook posts like this are common, and because so many morons blindly believe them at face value it has become the duty of Turtleboy and Turtleboy alone to restore sanity to the Internet. You’re welcome.


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