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Lowell High School Student Beaten In Bathroom As Kids Cheer It On And Film, Mother And Uncle Of Bully Blame Victim For Being Racist


A video was posted on Facebook yesterday from a bathroom in Lowell High School, showing a student being beaten by another student, as half a dozen kids cheered it on and taped it on their phones.


It’s still hard for me to accept that the kids wearing the skinny jeans are the bullies now. I just can’t take any male seriously in skinny jeans.

That video is disturbing not only because of the fact that a defenseless student was viciously assaulted by another student, but that the kids watching it seemed to be taking such great pleasure in it. That kid must’ve felt so alone, with nowhere to run or hide. When I think back about my teaching days I think of all the time we invested into anti-bullying curriculums, and it literally does nothing. The problem that never gets addressed is parenting. This is what failed parenting looks like when it manifests itself.

The kid who got beat up put his hands up because he didn’t want to fight Senor Skinny Jeans.

But instead of being a decent human being the bully elected to go full Connor McGregor.

The poor kid was curled up in a ball just trying not to get killed. And to add insult to injury on the way out skinny jeans pretended like he was going to hit one more time, just to put the fear of God into him.

Kids who do stuff like this more often than not are a product of parents who make excuses for them and don’t hold them responsible for their behavior. If one of my kids ever did this I would be thoroughly embarrassed and my kid would have hell to pay. I certainly wouldn’t show up on Facebook and start blaming the victim like the bully’s Mom elected to do.

According to Mom, her son would only be at fault if the victim was special ed. Otherwise an assault like this would be acceptable, so long as her son said that he was “provoked.” Now I understand how this brat got to be this way.

To further prove my point Mom threatened more physical violence, while judging the parenting skills of others.

She also thanked the kid who shared the video for making her son famous.

Totally not a trashy thing to do.

After that she started going back and forth with the OP, who happens to also be a Lowell High School student.

In fairness, only in Lowell could this young man pass for a high school student.

Either way, if it were my kid who did something like this I would so sorry, and so humiliated. The last thing I’d do is get into a pissing match with a high school student.

She did end up talking to the OP’s Mom, but it didn’t go as planned.

Lowell PTA meetings sure look like fun.

Soon the Free Muh Boi Lowell chapter was showing up on the post to defend the bully’s honor too. It started with this guy posting an unbelievable, and unconfirmed anecdote alleging that the victim was actually the bad guy here because he was racist.

  1. It doesn’t matter if he’s disabled. It’s wrong to do that to anyone.
  2. The headmaster obviously isn’t going to give some random caller confidential medical information on a student he’s not related to.
  3. The headmaster obviously isn’t going to blame the victim for provoking the violence that he experienced.

But to be clear, it doesn’t matter if the victim said racial slurs. When did it become socially acceptable to physically assault people who say racist things? Words are not the same as violence, but sadly thanks to social justice warrior culture, they’ve become that in the minds of many. Therefore it’s OK to use physically violence to inflict pain upon those you arbitrarily deem to be racist. This is why Antifa is a thing.

After that the Cambodian Mafia screenshotted his comment and posted it several times, as if this very obvious lie was somehow a fact now.

And if you thought Mom was charming, wait until you meet Uncle Heng.

Crab Baboon said it was OK for his nephew to do that because the victim was bipolar and racist, and that his nephew “should of stomped a hole in him.”

I wonder where this kid gets his proclivity for violence. Can’t figure it out.

Uncle Heng blamed the OP (a high school kid) for being a “clout chasing f***ot out here snitching.”

And the rest of the family and friends demanded the video be removed, and vowed Internet deformation lawsuits because the bully was actually the victim.

The bottom line is if my son ever did anything like that the only thing I would be saying publicly is, “I’m so sorry.” Then you’d hear it from my son too. What you wouldn’t see or hear are excuses or justifications for ratchet behavior. You can love your kids without acting as their attorney, and they’ll be better off for it in the long run if you do.


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