Lowell Kindergarten Teacher Urges Roslindale Residents To Harass Neighbor For Not Removing Thin Blue Line Flag From Home After Demanding They Do In Note 


This is Katie DeGugliemo, a kindergarten teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in Lowell, and a Roslindale resident.

As you can see, she’s from Cambridge originally, attended Tufts, and wears pinky pussy hats, and thus is the face of elitist privilege.

Katie apparently hates it when people show their respect for murdered police officers like Michael Chesna, Sean Gannon, and Ron Tarentino because she posted in a local Facebook page yesterday, asking her neighbors to harass a resident on Knoll Street for flying a flag that honors murdered police officers.

“I asked them to take the flag down but they haven’t.”

These are the words of a woman who has never been told no her entire life. She wasn’t asking; she was demanding. And when the neighbor didn’t do as she demanded she didn’t know what to do because the idea that people think supporting police is OK is something that is foreign to her. It’s like she never even pondered the possibility that her neighbor didn’t have to cater to her absurd, anti-police virtue signaling.

“I wrote a polite but direct note to them a few weeks ago explaining the racist meaning of the flag….”

Their version of polite is everyone else’s version of condescending. The neighbor who put the flag up might have a family member who’s a cop, or just wants to support law enforcement. Unlike teachers in Lowell they actually show up to do their job during a pandemic. A Boston Police Officer died from COVID this year, but yet they kept coming to work anyway. The teachers in Lowell have been hiding from the virus at home while students of color remain disproportionately hurt by remote learning. It should be noted that this school district still employs Marisa Shea, the Antifa terrorist who was arrested last year for assaulting police officers in Boston.

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The neighbor likely received this idiotic letter from a neighbor who hasn’t learned to shut up and mind her own business, telling them to remove a flag they clearly chose to put up because they want to let the world know they support law enforcement. They know full well what the flag means and they could care less if it offends race baiting losers like Katie DeGugliemo.

Do you think the neighbor cares if it was polite or not? Newsflash – there is no such thing as a polite letter that tells your neighbors to remove a flag from their property. The act of writing that letter in and of itself is an act of aggression. The mere fact that the letter was even written, and that this entitled, privileged white woman thought that it was her duty to lecture them about why she thinks a pro-police flag is racist, tells me everything that I need to know about her understanding of the world.

Question, if Katie has a black lives matter sign in her yard (which she almost definitely does), would she take it down if the same neighbor wrote her a note explaining that BLM is a Marxist terrorist organization responsible for the murder of several police officers, that also wants to abolish prisons, jails, the nuclear family, and capitalism?


But what if it was politely worded?

Of course she wouldn’t. Because this is America and people can support whoever they want to support without their Becky neighbors demanding that they don’t.

This was the best part….

“my personal discomfort because my partner and child are both POC.”

Newsflash – just because you had sex with a black man, refer to him as your “partner,” and bore his offspring, doesn’t mean you get to go around lecturing other people about what is and isn’t racist. You went to Tufts and live in Roslindale. You’ve isolated yourself from black people most of your adult life, and you’re doing it again by refusing to return to work in Lowell.

The thin blue line flag honors murdered cops, including black cops like David Dorn who was murdered by black lives matter rioters. The mere fact that Katie considers it racist to show support for people who sacrificed their lives to protect society from criminals, tells me everything I need to know about her simple minded understanding of race in America. She is doing her biracial child a disservice by teaching them that police should be feared, and preventing any sort of improvement in police-community relations.

Katie DiGugliemo is a racist white woman who has no business teaching, and if she were child’s kindergarten teacher I would be demanding her removal.


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