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Lowell Man Who Set Building On Fire Killing One Texted Friend That Night Who Lived There And Threw Baby Out Window Offering Support


On February 10 at 3 AM an arsonist intentionally set a fire that engulfed a building in Lowell, killing one person, injuring two firefighters, and leaving 50 people homeless in the dead of winter. It was an inferno.

One of the people displaced was 20 year old Julie Collentro, who threw her 2 year old daughter of a window into the arms of a Lowell Police Officer, saving both of their lives.


The Lowell Police are out here saving baby’s lives while the family of some domestic abuser protests them after he took a December dip in the Merrimack River in order to avoid going back to jail.

Unfortunately Julie lost all her possessions, pets, and her car was also destroyed.

Luckily she has received a lot of support from the community as she attempts to rebuild her life, including moral support from people like her friend Julian Boykins (goes by Baljeet Tjinder on Facebook), who messaged her while the building was on fire to make sure she was OK.

What a swell guy.

But as it turns out you can’t trust anyone who wears flat brimmed hats and poses for profile pictures with both middle fingers up for absolutely no reason other than to establish that they are in fact a hardo. Julian is the one who lit the building on fire with his teenage friend, then got his girlfriend arrested by dragging her into it when he told her in a monitored jailhouse conversation to destroy the evidence.

Three people have been charged in connection with a fatal fire in Lowell on Feb. 10 that killed one man and injured several othersMiddlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said in a statement that Julian Boykins, 20 of Lowell; Alexander Gaye, 16 of Lowell and Tanya Karadanis, 19, of Dracut have been charged in connection with intentionally setting fire to the multi-family home at 98 Westford St. in Lowell on Feb. 10. “Bring arsonists to justice as they have done today,” said Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey. The fire resulted in the death of third-floor resident Em Chak, injured three other tenants, two Lowell firefighters and one police officer; and displaced over 50 people.

Julian Boykins has been charged with murder, arson of a dwelling, three counts of armed assault to murder, injury to a firefighter, intimidation of a witness and conspiracy. Alexander Gaye has been charged with murder, arson of a dwelling, three counts of armed assault to murder, injury to a firefighter and intimidation of a witness. Tanya Karadanis has been charged with evidence tampering and conspiracy.

Shortly after 3:13 a.m. on Feb. 10, 2021, Lowell Police and Fire responded to Westford Street for a 3-alarm fire that extended to two neighboring structures. Based on the preliminary investigation, the State Fire Marshal’s office determined that the fire was likely intentionally set by the application of an open flame to available combustibles. Surveillance footage collected from the area of the fire showed that on the night of Feb. 10, Julian Boykins and Alexander Gaye allegedly traveled to the Westford Street apartment building together and entered the back entrance prior to the building becoming engulfed in flames. The video also shows the two men, later identified as Boykins and Gaye, leaving the scene in a small four-door sedan. 

What kind of bootleg gangsta doesn’t realize that jailhouse phone calls aren’t private? All I had to do was watch a few episodes of The Wire to know that. Hope the D was worth it girl.

He literally made that his profile picture yesterday. Turns out that being a “down ass ho” who gets arrested for trying to cover up a murder for the guy you just started banging two weeks ago only gets you a profile picture change and a Friday feature on Turtleboy.

The day that he literally murdered a person and nearly killed his friend’s child he initially pretended to care on Facebook.

But on the day he committed murder he continued posting about more pressing concerns, like finding a woman he can have doggy style sexual relations with, whining about fake friends (despite being the definition of one), and talking about how he wants to smack some n words who don’t come correct.

And by “smack some n words” he means, “burn your building down while you’re sleeping” because that way he can’t get hit back. He’s one of the most feared men in Lowell. Just ask this teenager he scared off a basketball court and ran after.

Fourth toughest dude in Lowell.

Nobody messes with him.

Ever since he literally murdered a man he’s been posting on Facebook non-stop about how he wants to reproduce.

Crying about how people aren’t there for him during difficult times.


And the importance of felating him.

Prior to the fire he was bragging about how he’s a “toxic n word” who “always get my lil whore back,” “f***s em treat em like whores,” and talked about how he wanted to get an unnamed woman pregnant.

He also made references several times that anyone who messed around with one of his ex-girlfriends was getting murdered.

Translation – this sentimental beta male got dumped and tried to kill the woman who dumped him or the guy who’s stuffing her crust now. He didn’t care that he had a friend who lived in the same building with a 2 year old child. His need for revenge over hurt feelz outweighed any risk to her health.

You can tell this guy is a winner since his page is littered with “RIP muh dawg” posts.

You know you led a fulfilling life when you die and the stock photo used to memorialize you is a picture of you holding proceeds from selling mediocre marijuana in front of your Section 8 domicile while wearing skinny jeans.

He might be rude to women, but he still takes care of his Momma at least.

After all, she did such a good job raising him and instilling morals in her first born son.

After his initial arrest when he was picked up on warrants a few weeks ago he vowed to be home soon.

Actually dude, your girl is probably gonna be home soon and she’ll get a slap on the wrist after she makes a deal and turns state’s witness on you. Meanwhile you’ll be rotting in a jail cell while she moves on with her life and the third toughest wangsta in Lowell keeps her warm at night. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get revenge this time by burning down their apartment down this time because you’ll be in jail for murder.


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