Lt. Governor Karyn Polito Defies Her Own Mask Mandate At Barnstable High School While Students Are Forced To Keep Masks On


Remember in August when the DESE said kids would only be forced to wear masks in school until October 1, at which point schools with 80% vaccination rates could make masks optional? Remember when I predicted the most obvious thing ever and told you that they’d extend that when October 1 got closer? Yea, they did that on September 27, and now the order is extended until November 1, at which point “the Commissioner will revisit the requirement in the near future to revise it as warranted by public health data.”

Spoiler alert – there is a 0.0% chance they don’t extend it past November 1. They have no intention of ever ending this. Ever. This will not end in the courts, because you will lose there. Keep giving your money to grifting attorneys like Robert Fojo if it makes you feel better, but he’s just taking your money without delivering results. I’ve spoken with right wing attorneys (like Andrew Couture, who has represented me in the past) who will not take on any case involving mask or vaccine mandates because it’s unethical to take money from a client on a case you know has no shot at success.

The only way this ends is if teenage kids organize and refuse to wear masks in school. If hundreds of kids agree not to do it on a certain day, then the school will be powerless to stop them. They cannot suspend all of them. Elementary School kids are too young, obedient, and scared to do this. High School students by their very nature are rebellious, and as parents you should be encouraging them to not follow unjust rules and laws. Just tell them to use the reasoning of San Francisco Mayor London Breed when she got caught partying without a mask on indoors, in defiance of her own order:

If your kid is “feeling the spirit” they don’t have to wear masks. There is absolutely no reason your child should be held to a higher standard than politicians or faculty members.

I bring this up because Lt. Governor Karyn Polito, who last year admitted to attending a party at her family compound in which nobody wore masks or social distanced in defiance of her administration’s orders, was visiting Barnstable High School yesterday. She was there to showcase their Innovations Pathways program, and took a picture with faculty and students. There was just one problem.

Students wore masks while Polito and members of the faculty did not. Also, this woman needs to stop borrowing clothes from Chris Christie’s wardrobe.

If that picture doesn’t make you outraged then I don’t know what will. Spare me the “it was just for a picture” excuse too. If that’s the exception to the rule then I’ll send my kid to school with an iPhone to take selfies all day. If they were actually worried about coronavirus they wouldn’t be allowed to take their masks off under any circumstances. But none of the people telling you to be worried about coronavirus are actually worried about coronavirus.

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We know masks don’t work in school. If they did then my daughter wouldn’t have gotten COVID in school. We know COVID isn’t a threat to kids. If it was then they’d be dying and we wouldn’t dare send our children to school with only a piece of cloth protecting them from certain death. Yet these adults, who don’t wear masks themselves, are forcing your children to smother themselves in defiance of science, for absolutely no reason.

Tell your children to stop complying. It’s the only way this ends.



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