Ludlow Woman Harassing TB Advertisers With Fraudulent Reviews Despite Alleged Invisible Sickness Has Long History Of Similar Behavior


Kelly Cote is a Facebook troll with a long and documented history of harassing companies and people online.

If “I read online that vaccinations cause autism” had a face.

If you’re on Facebook you may recognize this Bristol cult protege from the comments section of any of our various Facebook pages, as she often whines about our journalism instead of just not reading it.

I have no problem with people who want to criticize our work, but I do take issue when people like this maliciously leave fake bad reviews for our advertisers, despite never using their services.

To me Facebook reviews are meaningless, since they allow anyone to post any review they want without providing evidence that they actually did business there. You can’t leave a bad review on Amazon for a product you didn’t purchase. But a lot of business owners do take these reviews seriously, as Facebook has become a common way for customers to research companies. By doing this people like Kelly are maliciously attempting to sabotage our business by harassing our advertisers in the hopes that they will leave TB. And when you do that, we reserve the right to expose you.

As it turns out this isn’t the first time this ultimate Karen has done something like this. She’s had beef with Aeropostle



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Payless Shoes

Yes, that’s right – she’s complaining about customer service for a business whose entire business model revolves around selling crappy shoes that nobody wants.

This exchange with a detailing business in Chicopee was quite obnoxious as well.

Here’s a thought – if you feel like every business you’ve ever dealt with is plotting to screw you over, perhaps you’re the problem.

My personal favorite was her beef with an online fashion game.

If you ever feel like you’ve hit rock bottom just remind yourself that you could be a grown woman who spends their free time raising hell over the lack of imaginary prizes they won using a free online fashion game.

It’s hard to believe she’s real. She’s like a caricature created by God himself to be featured on TB.

She calls herself a “spoonie.”

A spoonie is someone “suffering” from an “invisible” disease.

So they don’t look sick, but they are.

According to Kelly Cote, her alleged sickness makes it an accomplishment for her to shower.

She’s so sick that she can barely shower, but she has no problem waking up every day and harassing businesses online that she’s never used before with fake reviews.

She also has plenty of time and energy to post incessantly about Turtleboy and come to our page looking for fights.

So where is this anger and hatred for TB coming from? It appears as if a woman named Janell Martin is her friend or family member.

You may remember Janell from back in January when she started a GoFundMe for Amanda Disley, the woman who located and filmed the kidnapping child rapist in Springfield.

Amanda was furious that someone started this without consulting her.

So it looks like obnoxiousness runs in the family.

Imagine coming home to this every day?



The bottom line is, if this is the kind of person who hates what we do, then we’re probably doing something right.


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