Lynn City Councillor Wayne Lozzi Issues Statement Defending Cat Kicking, Says Son Who Alleged Abuse “Has Issues,” Won’t Answer Any More Questions


Earlier in the week we published a blog about a Lynn City Councillor named Wayne Lozzi who was seen on home surveillance video kicking a cat that was chasing his cat on his back porch. Rather than bringing his cat inside after the incident, he left them both out there. His son also alleged that his father was abusive.

After the blog’s publication Wayne responded with a Facebook post, attempting to justify why he punted a cat.

So just to review:

  • It’s OK to kick cats if they are stray cats
  • He was protecting his cat, but left his cat outside when he went back inside, knowing that the stray cat was nearby and could continue to attack his cat
  • His cat is an outdoor cat that somehow doesn’t know how to protect itself without its owner coming to the rescue
  • He did nothing to make sure that either cat was OK
  • Kicking the cat was the only option, as opposed to shooing it off his porch or anything else that didn’t involve Justin Tuckering it into Saugus
  • His son, who made serious allegations of abuse, can be easily dismissed because “he has issues”

Wayne, you are a City Councillor. If you have a stray cat problem in the City of Lynn then that’s something you should be on top of. But I highly doubt that was a stray cat. You’re an animal abusing maggot who got turned in by your own family, who you then proceeded to smear. You’re an elected leader, yet you didn’t call animal control or do anything to resolve this apparently ongoing issue of stray cats in Lynn. You’re an elected leader in the city and your solution to stray cats going around attacking other cats is to walk outside in your tight whities and kick a cat as hard as you can in the ribs.

Luckily most people responded the way I did, but there were a couple supporters, including Kim Worth from Lynn, who thinks he did the right thing.

This woman has 7 cats?

Never saw that one coming.

If any other citizen of Lynn was caught doing this they would be charged with animal cruelty. Wayne Lozzi shouldn’t be above the law. Someone should do something about that.


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