Lynn Welfare Wallaby Helps Shoplifter Escape Shop & Shop By Interfering With Arrest, Removing His Clothing, Punching Good Samaritan


Here’s a video from a Stop & Shop in Lynn, where a police officer attempted to detain a shoplifter, only to be thwarted by a local welfare wallaby who helped him escape by taking his clothes off so that he could run to freedom.

Let’s go to the tape for the play by play.

At the beginning you can see a police officer grabbing Donnie Dope Fiend by the arm while all the stuff he stole lays lying on the ground. But the Lynn Welfare Wallaby was closing in for unknown purposes.

Soon you can see Donnie Dope Fiend struggling with the cop and a good samaritan, and it appeared as if the Lynn Welfare Wallaby was trying to help them apprehend the suspect.

Instead she jumped in between the cop and Donnie Dope Fiend and began to derobe him.

For some reason the police officer found this sort of interference permissible and she was allowed to continue. It wasn’t entirely clear what she was up to or what her plan was until she punched the good samaritan.

At that moment Donnie Dope Fiend realized he was free.

The problem was he didn’t steal a belt, which made his escape route difficult.

Luckily for him the cop subscribes to the policy of the “I don’t get paid enough for this bullshit” catch and release program, and had zero intentions of chasing after him. Because what’s the point if Donnie Dope Fiend is just gonna get the charges dropped for the millionth time by the Essex County DA’s Office?

Donnie Dope Fiend then put on the jets and showed off his Vince Wilfork 40 time, escaping to freedom as he ran past some of Lynn’s finest tenements, adorned with decorative Dish Network satellite dishes from former tenants who never paid their bills.

As a commenter pointed out, he’s so fast you have to time him with a calendar.

Meanwhile the Lynn Welfare Wallaby looked on with joy as she realized their 2 PM crack session was still on.

Just another day productive day in paradise for her.

The best part is how everyone watching pretty much just went on with their day like this wasn’t unfolding in front of them, as it’s not unusual to see a man dressed in Lynn formal attire getting some hoodrat exercise in the Stop & Shop parking lot.

In all seriousness, what you just witnessed there is the end product of a liberal criminal justice system and “police reform.” Cops can’t do their job and courts won’t do theirs, so vagrants are free to pretty much do what they want without fear of consequences.


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