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Man Alleging To Be Ex-Boyfriend Of Missing Chicopee Woman Leaves Cryptic Facebook Posts Wishing Death Upon Her 


A Chicopee woman named Susan Barton has been missing for over a week now, and a man named Justin Bradford has been leaving some suspicious comments on Facebook in regards to her being missing.

WWLPPolice need your help locating a woman who was reported missing last week. According to the Chicopee Police Department, 41-year-old Susan Barton of Chicopee has been reported missing since the afternoon of October 6. She was last seen leaving work in Holyoke. Barton lives in the Fairview section of the city. She is described as 5’9” tall, weighs 160 pounds and was last seen wearing a bright green shirt and black leggings. Officer Wilk said Barton’s family is concerned because they have not heard from her.  If you have seen Barton or know her whereabouts, please contact the Chicopee Police Department at (413) 594-1740. 

I don’t pretend to be a detective, but if I were I would strongly consider into asking this guy some questions.

Openly posting on a missing woman’s page about how you hope she is dead strikes me as being a little bit suspicious. As is all of this.

This is Justin Bradford, whose Facebook page says he’s from Port Orange, FL.

Six weeks ago he posted a picture of a barefoot woman with filthy feet in a mini-mart, and shared with everyone how he was going to use the image to make tummy pancakes.

But at least that woman appears to be of age. That isn’t always the case with him.

Who’s worse? The pervert who posts something like that, or the parents of the children who didn’t foresee this happening and allowed their daughter to pose like that? I’d honestly have to say the parents. We know that predators like this exist out there and we can’t do anything about it. Anyone who exploits their own child like this is no better than people like Justin Bradford.

Justin claims to have been dumped by Susan, and is noticeably upset about it.

He posts weird things about box cutters and rooms covered in blood.

He self-tattooed her name onto his foot, which was difficult because another woman named Lindy already had her name tattooed there.

Don’t tell this guy he has two feet.

And this is normal thing for a non-psychotic man to post on Facebook.

There’s also a woman named Alison Pankowski who is copying and pasting the same thing over and over again in defense of Justin, alleging that Susan was sent into this life to destroy and kill him.

Some have suggested that it’s actually Justin Bradford, since he seems to have used the account to try to contact Susan before (I assume because she’s been ignoring him since he’s clearly psychotic).

But I looked through that account and it went back a few years. People commented on her profile pictures and complimented her on her haircut. If it’s not a real person then it’s the most dedicated fake account in the history of Facebook.

I’m not saying this guy killed her, or that she’s dead at all. Best case scenario she ran away to hide from him. But if I were a cop, I’d probably look into him. Just sayin.


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