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Man Behind Keytar Bear Arrested For Defecating In Front Of Child And Threatening To Kill, Left Us Voicemail And Long Message Urging Blog To Come Down


Keytar Bear is the lovable and anonymous gentlemen who dresses as Ted and plays the keytar outside of events in Boston for tips. He’s well known, well liked, and has become a staple for many who visit the city. But last week we showed you that he also has a tendency to call women derogatory names, claim that his alleged Judaism gives him with advantage in legal issues, and isn’t afraid to threaten to kill himself in order to get revenge on people who have wronged him.

Up until now Keytar Bear has been anonymous, which I don’t mind since our entire brand was founded on anonymity. I get why people would want to be anonymous in this day and age if they’re posting their opinions openly and don’t want to become a victim of cancel culture.

But Keytar Bear isn’t anonymous for those reasons. He’s anonymous because if people knew who he really was then they’d know that he’s actually a dangerous, predatory man who many law enforcement officers have reached their breaking point with.

We received this message after the blog was published.

It’s being alleged by this person that Keytar Bear defecated at and art festival in Cambridge in front of at least one child. This would be hard to confirm without his name, but multiple LEO’s contacted us and identified Keytar Bear as Keney Legagneur of Sutton. And a quick Google of his name brings you to the police log from Cambridge on June 1, the same day as Riverfest, and it does indeed show that he was arrested for open and gross lewdness for exposing himself and urinating in full view of a child.

Just two months prior to that Keytar Bear was given a continuance without a finding after threatening to kill someone on social media.

I was under the impression that a continuance without a finding meant that the charges would be pursued if the defendant committed another crime, but apparently I was mistaken.

Keytar Bear also messaged our Facebook page last week after he sent a sycophant (or possibly him on a burner account) to demand the blog be taken down. It was a weird message, but we can’t see it anymore because they took down our Facebook page. It did mention something about a lawsuit, but he played it off like he was trying to support us financially. Luckily he found Clarence Woods Emerson and sent pretty much the same thing to that account.

Just to review:

  • The person who contacted us and asked to take the blog down about him was actually a detective posing as a fan.
  • Consequently six district attorneys out of Suffolk County began to review and analyze all comments left on our Facebook page.
  • Then something, something about violence, something, something about God putting him on earth to make people happy, and something, something about him working with detectives who want to hold Turtleboy responsible for….something.

He also sent dozens of screenshots from comments (many of which we included in the first blog) which you can see the voicemail he sent us.

“People don’t know me, they don’t know nothing about me. But her s***, every person who shares that article, they’re sharing Noelle’s name. Technically she can get f***ing fired, or this s*** can catch up to her 10 years down the line. Like Kevin Hart type s***, nah mean? They got her calling Keytar Bear little stinky whatever beg for kisses whatever and s***. That s*** is wack bro. That shit is mad wack. Nah what I’m saying? Y’all mother f***ers went through puberty already, you shouldn’t be playing around like that. 

I don’t speak Keytar Bear, but from my understanding of it he believes that we are friends with the woman he fat shamed (we’re not, but would welcome her to come on and discuss this incident on the live show), he claims to be looking out for her because he believes that her accusation could lead to a lack of employment for her, he says that we are “mad wack,” and believes that puberty should’ve worked these kinks out, but yet we remain “mad wack.”

He’s also been posting bizarre things about women, babies, and liquor for several years now.

It’s starting to make sense why Keytar Bear seems to always be getting “attacked” in public. Perhaps it’s because he’s a lunatic who provokes incident with people frequently. Coincidentally he has had multiple people start fundraisers for him after these “attacks,” but has never filed a police report because, racism.

In response to the outpouring of public support, the musician released a statement. It reads, in part: “To the person who hurt me, I forgive you for punching me and breaking my nose after taking a photo with me downtown last week. … I have decided not to file a police report immediately so you can have a chance to step up and take responsibility for your actions before the police come knocking on your door.”

Taylor explains that Keytar Bear’s decision, thus far, not to file a report is fueled by his distrust of the police. “He has a couple of friends who are trying to convince him to file a police report. And his reasoning [not to] has a lot to do with his race, and how his particular race has been treated by the police for a very long time, and also the kind of discrimination that happens in courts when there’s a white kid and a black kid. And what happens there is usually that the black kid suffers. So he has been very suspicious about that process. Basically all he wanted was an apology.”

Keytar Bear is clearly in need of psychological help and is not some cute anonymous entertainment figure. He’s actually rather dangerous, and has a long and documented history of threatening to kill people, as well as public defecation in front of a child. He makes anti-semitic statements, threatens to kill himself on a whim, targets women, and cashes in on GoFundMe’s after the media rallies around him every time he’s “attacked.” Keney should probably get a real job and stop being so terrible on the Internet instead of provoking incidents to cash in on.


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