Man Caught Trying To Meet 14 Year Old Boy In Marlborough Identified As Stephen Mannas Of Concord, MA


A little over an hour ago we asked for turtle riders to help us identify the man who was caught today by the Predator Poachers of Massachusetts, attempting to meet up with a 14 year old boy for sex, and didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Turtle riders of course delivered, and within minutes we knew the identity of Concord (MA) resident Stephen Mannas.

If that face doesn’t scream, “I love having sexual intercourse with teen boys” then I don’t know what does.

Believe it or not he actually looked creepier with the pornstache and the Michael T. Gaffney frosted tips.

He’s been wearing his date night shirt for years.

On Facebook he changed his name to Steve Sriracha Sorrentino, claims to be the CEO of “Meryl Lynch,” graduated from Minuteman Technical High School in Lexington, and studied “the wonderful asses all over campus” at UMass.

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We were unable to confirm with the University of Massachusetts whether or not that is an actual field of study due to coronavirus.

He’s into the rare combination of Tupac and Jesus.

And although he said in that video that he was 22, he also said on Facebook that he got his license in 2011. Then again, he said a lot of interesting things on Facebook around that time. For instance, he didn’t care for shop class very much in high school.

He likes to use the n word. A lot.

Poor Betty can’t even peruse through Facebook without her nephew disgracing the family with his foul language. Little did she know it was going to get a lot worse 8 years later.

He doesn’t like Indians.

And he’s an MTV gangster who hopes to someday become VH1 famous.

But I guess he’ll have to settle for being Turtleboy famous instead.


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