Man Suing Former Peabody High School Teacher For Turning Him Into An Addict By Giving Him Drugs And Oral Sex 20 Years Ago During Tutoring


The Patch reported a story yesterday that no one else seems to have picked up on about a former Peabody High School student who is suing a former teacher for giving him drugs and sexually abusing him in the early 2000’s. Here’s a recap of the facts:

  • Lynette Occhipinti was an educational assistant at the school, starting when he was a freshman at the school in 1999
  • The lawsuit names her, the City of Peabody, former SPED teacher David Montgomery, and 10 other school staff members John Doe can’t remember as defendants
  • Occhipinti is now an executive assistantt the Northshore Education Consortium’s Kevin O’Grady School, while Montgomery now lives in California
  • Doe was assigned to have Occhipinti because of his ADHD as a freshman in 1999, and was invited to her house in Salem, along with an older student, to use her tanning bed
  • Occhipinti and her husband are alleged to have smoked pot with the boys and buy them booze several times a week
  • During his sophomore year Doe went to Occhipinti’s house after breaking up with a girlfriend, where she kissed him and said she had feelings for him, and on a followup visit he received a hummer
  • The lawsuit claims that she tried to “force him” to have sex when he was 15, but doesn’t say if actual penetration is alleged to have occurred
  • The suit alleges that she gave him and other students painkillers and taught him how to inject steroids
  • During his junior year Doe alleges that she gave him cocaine after serving him booze at a party at her house that he and his friends attended
  • The complain also alleges that she was having an affair with Montgomery, the other teacher in the lawsuit, and that both Doe and Montgomery were invited to her house when her husband was out of town
  • Montgomery is alleged to be equally as creepy, and according to the lawsuit he did cocaine with students and talked to them about which girls he thought were the hottest
  • The lawsuit alleges that Doe visited her at her New Hampshire summer home where he got wasted and she had him drive her kids around to get ice cream. Doe claims that he blacked out during the drive, forced the children to drive the rest of the way, and the kids crashed the car into a bike in front of her home
  • By senior year Doe was a full blown pill head thanks to her, as she not only provided him with drugs but gave him money and the name of a drug dealer he could buy more pills off of
  • Doe graduated high school a full blown addict, and the details of the relationship were revealed during a counseling session in 2016
  • Occhipinti’s husband died in 2005, two years after Doe graduated, prompting him to cut communications with her, and the lawsuit alleges that she began showing up at his parent’s as a result of being ignored
  • The lawsuit alleges that “Occhipinti, an educator, deprived JOHN of an education, plied him with drugs and alcohol so she could sexually abuse him, and caused the addiction that has nearly killed him,” the complaint said.

Notice no one is talking about this story because it’s a guy and a female teacher. The guy is now a full blown drug addict in his mid 30’s, so nobody ultimately cares about him. If the roles were reversed this would a be a huge story. Sadly for John Doe they don’t have a hashtag for #BelieveMen yet, as it would likely contradict with #BelieveWomen, so he’s fresh out of luck.

First of all, this all just alleged, which I think is important to point out. This isn’t a criminal matter, it’s a civil matter, as proving these allegations in criminal court is almost impossible at this point. However, this picture from her now defunct Facebook page isn’t going to help her credibility.

Just sayin.

At first glance this lawsuit seems to be nothing more than a desperate junkie blaming other people for the problems he brought upon himself. So your high school teacher bought you booze and steroids and did some yayo with you back in ought one. You were going to Peabody High School with Jeff Allison – all of that stuff was going to happen inevitably.

But at the same time, if she did actually provide him with this stuff in an attempt to be the “cool teacher,” then yea she should absolutely be sued for this. If you give drugs and sex to a 15 year old, he doesn’t have it in him to go cold turkey after that. Those are lifelong addictions.


Either way, there should be a ton of witnesses to backup his claim if the lawsuit is legit. There were the other students at the parties, the kid who went over her house with him to tan, the other teacher who for some reason was also smashing her and might be inclined to throw her under the bus now. If she really did this then it’s going to all come out in court and she can kiss her career goodbye, and rightfully so, because adults who prey on students are bad enough as it is. But adults who give students drugs AND hook up with them are monsters. Granted, she’s a hot cougar monster, but a monster nonetheless.

P.S. When you search her name on the Google machine this is one of the first things that comes up.


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