Man Who Abandoned Dog At West Springfield Lot After Driving It There In His Trunk Identified As Osvaldo Acevedo Of Springfield


Good new – we have identified the man in this video who abandoned a small dog at an undisclosed lot in West Springfield after driving the poor thing there in this truck. As you can see in the video, the dog was practically begging not to be left there, but the driver did anyway.

A commenter on the original post claimed that they had run the plates and that they were inactive and registered to a truck. However, it turned out to be far less complicated than that, as the plates were in fact registered to the Honda Accord.

Meet Osvaldo Acevedo of Springfield.

That fact that living in Springfield with a man who wears mesh shorts 99% of the time is “living your best life,” tells me everything I need to know about her. As does the fact that she even owns that shirt. As you can see, he looks like he’s a great grandfather, which in Springfield means he’s probably about 48 years old. And of course he doesn’t speak a lick of English because that would require assimilating and assimilation is a racist tool of white supremacy. Here he is doing something to his dog involving the bathroom, and the dog doesn’t seem happy.

He appears to have a few dogs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved in breeding them.

Why else would he abandon a dog in a lot?

Either way, he should be arrested and prosecuted, which might actually be possible since Rachael Rollins is not the DA in Hampden County. Feel free to send this to the West Springfield Police, although they likely know who he is already and are taking steps to have him arrested. I’d love to see them post his mugshot on their Facebook page so we can all bask in the satisfaction of TB justice together.


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  1. Just consider me for re-homing that sweet dog, please! He doesnt deserve her! I’ll make sure she gets xhecked by my Vet & has everything she needs to be healthy, happy & loved!

  2. Is this bastard gonna get arrested or not his adress and car info is clearly there he shouldnt get away with it this is animal cruelty him and his girl both look like the’re on crack he looks like his great grandfather….she looks familiar and so does he probly from running around the streets in Springfield

  3. Esa tipa yo se quien es y es tremenda PUERCA crakera es tan PUERCA que tiene una hija con su propio hermano son uno puercos los dos y que pasar por la casa Ahora que ya se adonde vive cual de los dos mas puercos ojala y lo metan preso por puerco que es

  4. Oswaldo Acevado does not and has never worked at MM Auto Detailing. He has falsely listed us as a place of employment against our knowledge and without consent. We are doing everything possible to correct this situation and appreciate your patience.

    Mike, Owner MM Auto Detailing

  5. This man does not work at MM Auto Detailing and has never been employed here. He is falsely using our business name with out consent or authorization. We are doing everything possible to remedy this situation but please know this man again has no association with our company.

    Mike, Owner MM Auto Detailing

  6. It is horrible what that man did. And I hope he gets prosecuted. But, did you really have to put out prejudicial personal opinions? This man is puertorrican and we learn English in school, we are also Usa citizens by birth.
    This has nothing todo with assimilation No wonder you are getting demonetized.

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