Man Who Threatened Peaceful Protesters With Gun Insinuation In Boston Identified As Anti-Semitic City Youth Worker Keith Spady 


We have finally identified Grandmaster Doordash, the gentleman who thought he tried to intimidate peaceful protesters at Monica Cannon-Grant’s fraudulent non-profit grand opening in Hyde Park by flashing us the international sign for “I’m strapped.”


Meet Keith Spady from Boston.

Keith is an employee of the City of Boston who works for the Blackstone Community Center as a youth worker, and collects an annual salary of around $52K from the taxpayers.

Some may say that it’s inappropriate for someone who mentors youth in Boston to show up to a peaceful protest in order to threaten non-violent anti-racists looking to affirm the value of black lives, but this is rather par for the course when it comes to people who work for and associate with Monica Cannon-Grant.

Obviously this is concerning, as is the fact that he really seems to hate Asian people and Jews, who he refers to as “blood suckers of the black community.”

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He’s also not a fan of white gentiles, although he doesn’t seem to hate them as much as he hate Jews and Asians.

Perhaps that’s because he subscribes to eugenic philosophies and believes that black people are the only 100% humans.

He’s also an outspoken supporter of convicted rapist Bill Cosby, who he believes got a raw deal because he’s black, and not because several women testified under oath during a criminal trial that he sexually assaulted them.

Feel free to let the Blackstone Community Center know what you think of their “youth workers” on their Facebook page or send them an email at [email protected]

So just to review……

Monica Cannon-Grant is a racist who hired several racists and anti-semites to threaten peaceful protesters standing against racism, they get paid to shape and poison the minds of impressionable young children, and they’re all making bank off of taxpayers and grant money from wealthy white liberals looking to alleviate the guilt they have for being born without melanin.

As a social justice leader in the community I find it very troubling that these institutions choose to employ men like this when there are so many more qualified individuals in the community who could be setting a good example for children, instead of training them to believe that they are victims of police and racism. Funny how these violent men with no skills are able to find comfortable jobs in the community despite being black in a society where institutional racism is allegedly so prevalent. Does anyone think Monica Cannon-Grant would be where she is today if she was born white in the same housing projects she lives in now? Must be nice to be privileged. I wouldn’t know, I’m just a white guy with a blog.

P.S. Ernst, the first guy who tried and failed to intimidate Rayla Campbell at the protest, came on the live show the other night and tried and failed to intimidate me several times starting around the 32:30 mark.




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