Manchester Attorney Robert Fojo Takes Out Harassment Order Against TB And 2 Fake Names For Responding To His Email


On the live show Bret and I discussed the threatening email I received from Feta Cheese Freddie’s lawyer Robert Fojo, who some have been known to refer to as “Bootleg Michael Avenatti.”

Read this if you need to catch up. Robert Fojo is a very serious attorney who sent me this very serious and threatening email after I blogged about his client’s refusal to pay the cleaning lady. At the end of the email he told me to contact him to talk about it, so I did.

He stated at the end that if I didn’t respond to his email then he would come after me, so I did what he instructed me to do by calling his office once, emailing him, and posting a couple times on his wide open Facebook page. He never got back to me, and apparently it was all a set up!

Very serious attorney.

The application he presented to an actual judge for the order is likewise very serious. He’s not only trying to get an order against me, he’s also going after two women who I assume are not real people.

Amy Hackett and Jen Huston are burner accounts that occasionally comment on the Turtleboy page. I have no idea who runs these accounts, but evidently this very serious lawyer is convinced that I do.

Fojo says that false things were stated in the blog and admits that Feta Cheese Freddie hired him to write me the email despite being unable to pay his cleaning lady.

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Note the Mike Gaffney footnote at the bottom. Another very serious attorney. I have no doubt when Gaffney inevitably calls him they will come up with some great legal strategy, and Fojo will be renamed the Gaffney of the North.

Fojo complains that I left a sexually inappropriate joke about the relative size of Greek man member in my email response to him, and says that calling him Bootleg Avenatti means I’m accusing him of being a convicted criminal.

To be clear, I don’t know if he was convicted for last year’s DUI, or for the domestic arrests. However, I was referring to his overall look, his unorthodox actions as an attorney, his choice in seedy clientele, and his thirst for attention.

He finds it “incredible” that Turtle Boy Sports Forever chose “Media News Company” as a category on Facebook, even though we publish more real news than anyone.

He accuses me of falsely mocking him for being Portuguese, even though he’s Cuban.

To be clear, I was mocking the Port-a-geez in general, not Mr. Fojo. And don’t even get me started on the Cubans.

He accuses me of running the two fake Facebook accounts he’s pursuing orders against, because all fake names on the Internet must be me. He also says I make fake pages so I can pretend that Turtleboy has real people who read it, and says that I do all this in order to cover for my insecure feelings.

Sir, you’re getting a harassment order over hurt feelz. It would appear as if the insecure person here is in fact you.

He complained that I posted on his Facebook page, made nice comments about his girlfriend’s gerber servers, and made derogatory comments about his client’s parenting skills, even though his client abandoned both of his daughters and is not a part of their lives at all.

He complains that the fake Facebook accounts said mean things about him being worse than Carole Baskin. 

He then went on to blame me for being close to a dozen other Facebook accounts that left comments on his page, including Dick N. Vulva. Because every account that uses privacy restrictions or does’t have real photographs of the user, is Aidan Kearney.

He blames me for calling him from a 617 number, even though every ratchet in America knows I have a 413 number.

He says he’s scared of me because I responded to his threatening email, and he even included Exhibit B which has the joke, “What do you call a Greek guy with a big dick – Italian.”

Very serious attorney.

He says I’m being served with the order, but the Holden Police say they haven’t received it. Nevertheless he posted this document, allegedly signed by Judge N. William Delker, stating that Bootleg Avenatti told me to stop contacting him, even though he’s never done that.

First thing that comes up when you search for that judge:

All I was doing was replying to a threatening email.

This grown man apparently is upset that everyone in Manchester was watching the live show and agreed that his client is a morally bankrupt cheapstake who won’t pay his cleaning lady. He responded by self-victimizing and making up lies that I harassed his children.

He quoted disgraced, terminated Telegram and Gazette columnist Clive McFarlane.

Said that no one cares about my show that is clearly bothering him so much that he filed for a harassment order, while trying to use big lawyer words to make himself sound smart.

And for the record, I’ve been sued way more than twice, and I’m still undefeated in court.

At the same time he said that I was acting like a deranged stalker who made his life hard to manage.

He claimed that the man he was threatening to sue me on behalf of had benefitted financially from the blog, even though his club is not open.

This would seem to make it hard to win a defamation case, since you can’t be defamed if you benefitted financially from the allegedly defamatory speech.

Very serious lawyer.

This man showed up on the Clarence Woods Emerson page to defend Fojo’s honor today.

Sir, he’s not going to have sexual intercourse with you.  I don’t care how many Hampton Beach glamour shots you take, or how many 757’s you can have land on your forehead in 24 hours.

He’s got that woman with the nice gerber servers, who I’m sure really appreciates her boyfriend dragging her into this. Then again, maybe he would.

Pro tip – if you’re going to send someone to my page to be your PR guy, pick someone without the Google trophies.

Anyway, I haven’t been served, but I think I might go to the courthouse and take one out on him too. This guy really creeps me out dude. If I do get served then I guess I’ll finally be popping my Manchester cherry on May 7th. Everyone’s invited!





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