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Manchester Judge Denies Attorney Robert Fojo’s Attempted To Get Restraining Order Against TB 


It’s been 11 days since my hearing with Manchester Attorney Robert Fojo, who was attempting to get a restraining order against meFor those of you who asked where the blog was about it, I did a YouTube Live show instead, and will continue to do content in this format moving forward, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here

Obviously this whole thing was a huge joke, since Fojo was never in fear for his life. Quite the opposite actually. I wrote a blog about his deadbeat client Feta Cheese Freddie, Fojo sent me a threatening email demanding I take the blog down and contact him, and I simply did as he asked me to by reaching out to him in various formats. I even invited him on the live show to discuss our differences like gentlemen.

At the end of the day this was a grown man abusing the courts and attempting to get a very serious document that would limit my constitutional rights, because he was embarrassed by his own actions which were documented in several blogs. I did not go looking for him, he came looking for me. Had he just not sent that email and not filed for a ridiculous RO, I never would know he existed. It was insulting to the courts that this was taken seriously, and Judge Amy Messer disgraced herself by letting him ramble on for an hour and half about his allegedly hurt feelings.

Fojo brought 12 “exhibits” with him:

  1. A Worcester Magazine article about Mike Gaffney suing me
  2. A copy of the return email I sent him in which I made jokes about the size of Greek men’s male members
  3. The blog I wrote about him on Turtleboy Sports in which I called him “Bootleg Avenatti”
  4. The TB Daily News version of exhibit 3
  5. Screenshots of the Turtleboy Sports Forever Facebook page posting the link to the exhibit 4
  6. Screenshots of the Clarence Woods Emerson Facebook page posting the link to the exhibit 4
  7. Screenshots of comments Clarence Woods Emerson left on his page about his lack of parenting skills and evaluation of his ex-gf’s gerber servers
  8. Screenshots of a Facebook post made over a year ago from an account I don’t own about another plaintiff who is suing me (Jamie Genereux)
  9. Comments that were left on his law firm’s Facebook page from over 20 turtle riders mocking him, all of who he baselessly claimed were me, including Attorney Richard N. Vulva, and the 2 fake Facebook names he was attempting to get orders against as well
  10. Screenshots of me reaching out to him on Facebook to invite him onto the Turtleboy Live show
  11. Dozens of screenshots of negative reviews he received on his law firm’s Facebook page from people who think he’s a joke, all of who he baselessly claimed were me
  12. Copies of temporary harassment orders courts have granted and then not extended against me, including from plaintiffs such as Bristol Blarney, Hadasshah Rose, Charlotte McFarland, and Rian Waters.

I testified while wearing a mask and was shocked that Judge Messer was taking this seriously while he rambled on about how I used (gasp) fake Facebook accounts, and had been sued before (and prevailed) in the past. He played voicemails in court from people who prank called him, but there were no threats in any of them. Nor were there threats in any of the comments or messages he received. In order to receive a RO you have be in fear, which clearly he was not.

However, I showed the judge several of his comments, including this post in which he mocks me for being irrelevant, and makes fun of turtle riders for wanting to “masterbate in peace” in order to prove that this man wasn’t the least bit scared.

Quite the opposite, he was the aggressive one. He even sent his friend Mitchell Fleming to come after me, and sent threatening messages to a Manchester bar employee for sharing a blog about Fojo.

This didn’t help either.

The cruz of his argument was that although he never told me to stop messaging him, and his social media was wide open, and he contacted me first, he was still in fear for his life because third parties contacted him after reading the blogs about him. He said that I was responsible for this because I said, “DO NOT CONTACT HIM,” which he claims is a dog whistle for “contact him.”

This is obviously ridiculous and a competent judge would’ve told him so, as other judges have when plaintiffs attempted to use this argument in order to obtain orders against me. But Judge Messer allowed Fojo to make a mockery of her courtroom. I had to explain to her that the alternative to saying, “DO NOT CONTACT HIM,” was “CONTACT HIM,” thus putting me in a position where I’m guilty no matter what I choose to do. She told me I could say nothing at all, which is not her place to do, since as a member of the press I can speak freely about people I choose to blog about.

After court Fojo filed another motion claiming I committed perjury, which was ludicrous. He must’ve contacted Kate Peter because she knew about it quickly and kept using this raving lunatic’s motion to deflect from the fact that she neglected and abused her children for years before two of them were permanently taken from her.

The judge finally got around to ruling on it today in a six page response. Spoiler alert – I’m still undefeated in court.

TL;DR – Everything that was stated was protected speech, Attorney Fojo could’ve blocked anyone who commented on his page but chose not to, and she doesn’t believe he fears for his life. RO denied.

The part at the end about a “different outcome” if I continue to blog about him was her attempting to make it look like she was being fair and impartial to Fojo, rather than tell him that he is not to bring ridiculous orders like this into her courtroom again. She claims that the First Amendment doesn’t protect all speech, which I’m well aware of after defeating countless libel lawsuits in court as well. She points out that speech that is libelous or intentionally incites lawless action of others isn’t covered, which is irrelevant since nothing was libelous, nor did I incite any lawless action. The guy got trolled by some fake Facebook accounts after being a troll himself.

Here’s my question – where did Mitchell Fleming go?

Thought I was going to get destroyed?

Looks like your lawyer friend is completely full of shit, routinely takes on cases that have no shot at going anywhere, and because you secretly wanna jump his bone you assume he actually knows what he’s talking about.

Robert Fojo was attempting to scare me by sending me that initial email. He was using his position as an attorney to do so, assuming that I was some guy who had never been to court before for something like this. I wonder if he regrets doing that now.

Don’t. Poke. The. Turtle.

P.S. Feta Cheese Freddie still hasn’t paid his cleaning bill but he’s hiring people to paint his business.

Now the fun begins.


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