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Poor Behavior

Manchester Woman With No Connection To Victim Whatsoever Attempts To Sell T-Shirts To Profit From Tragedy, Wants Us To Advertise Them For “Awareness”

Earlier today we got a message in the inbox from someone who goes by “Panda Lin” on Facebook, and it’s left me pretty salty.


When I clicked on the link, I found this:


That’s not “awareness”, porkchop. That’s poorly designed t-shirts you’re selling for $19.99 and sweatshirts for $29.99. Not only is she trying to profit from what happened, she lazily mailed it in on the design. We don’t need to peddle your crappy goods for “awareness”. We wrote two blogs about what happened. It’s been all over the news. People are already aware. Thanks.

And considering this chick readily admits she has absolutely no personal connection to the victim whatsoever, and judging from the description for this “campaign”,


I think we can all venture a guess as to where the proceeds will be going. Not to the victim, who is currently hospitalized after having his skull stomped in by a group of juiced-up meatheads in “STAFF” shirts. But at least she gets to keep 100% of the proceeds, right?

Human garbage, Panda. That’s what you are.

What kind of scumbag tries and cash in on something like this? I’ll tell you what kind –


The kind that’s plus-sized, blonde, and stupid enough to try to get us to take part in this. And make no mistake, her main concern was seeing that we’d offer up some free advertising for her scummy t-shirt scheme. She claimed to know the guy who filmed the horrific encounter –



But obviously not that well, because she couldn’t even get him to reach out to us, and they’re not even friends on Facebook. I don’t even know for sure that’s the guy who actually filmed it, honestly. Not that it much matters. Be more suspicious, pork chop Panda. You can’t. By all appearances, you’re a legitimately terrible person.

Anyway, here you go. I just shared your shitty t-shirt scheme. You’re welcome. “F*ck McGarvey’s?” Nah, chickie. F*ck you.

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