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Poor Behavior

Mansfield 8th Grade Teacher Harasses Children And Bridgewater Police Officers During Violent Armed Assault On Peaceful Protesters


This is Jill Sheridan, an 8th grade science teacher at Qualters Middle School in Mansfield.

She is an active supporter of black lives matter, a domestic terrorist organization that seeks to abolish the police and is directly responsible for the destruction of American cities and the murders of dozens of people this summer. She’s quite proud of herself.

Over the weekend in Bridgewater she and several of her Antifa friends decided to disrupt an anti-lockdown rally in the center of town, in which three of her friends were arrested for assaulting police officers and carrying guns. It should be noted that she was in town for a BLM rally, which was a mile away from the anti-lockdown rally. She chose to leave that rally and disrupt the anti-lockdown rally, rather than peacefully rally in defense of black lives.

Police say three men are facing charges, including one who assaulted an officer and another who was found to be in possession of a legally possessed and loaded firearm while allegedly committing a crime, after an altercation at the conclusion of duel demonstrations over the weekend. Bridgewater Police Chief Christopher Delmonte said the arrests occurred Saturday after the three men got into an altercation at the end of the two rallies. A Spring FREE Rally was held at Legion Field to coincide with the World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy, an event held in many countries to rally against coronavirus restrictions. Meanwhile, Bridgewater Communities for Civil Rights and other groups joined together on Central Square — which is less than a mile away from Legion Field and was the original proposed location of the freedom rally — to hold a Black Lives Matter standout. 

Three men — Nicholas J. Collella, 21, of Saugus; Jake P. Zawalick, 27, of North Oxford; and Daniel A. O’Connell, 60, Coventry, Rhode Island — were arrested without further incident, Delmonte said.

“During the arrests, Zawalick was found to be carrying a loaded 9mm handgun,” Delmonte said. “At the time of the incident, Zawalick possessed an active Massachusetts license to carry firearms. Details on Zawalick’s arrest was forwarded to the licensing authority.”

An officer was also assaulted during the altercation, the chief said.

“Additionally, as officers were separating the individuals, Collella allegedly punched a Bridgewater police officer in the face,” Delmonte said. “That officer was evaluated at the scene but did not require medical attention. EMS personnel were requested at the police station to evaluate the three arrested subjects but none required medical attention.”

Collella was charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct, affray and assault and battery on a police officer. Zawalick was charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct, affray, resisting arrest and carrying a dangerous weapon while committing a breach of peace.

Jill Sheridan, an 8th grade teacher who is allegedly a role model for children and goes by Jay Marie on Facebook, is Facebook friends with Jake Zawalick, the man who committed assault and battery while armed.

Jake often shares disturbing images of police officers being murdered on social media, with emojis showing bacon (pigs = cops) being fried.

Jake also has posted images of AR-15’s, suggesting he will “defend equality” with it.

He is an avowed communist too.

Nick Colella, who was arrested for assaulting a cop, often posts that “all cops are bastards” (ACAB).

He also supports Moses Harris, a man who was charged 6 times with domestic abuse of women, and who intentionally jumped into a frozen river and died in order to evade capture by police for his violent crimes.

He was in Boston harassing a black woman with his friends in October.

On top of that he wears his Antifa hat to rallies, despite the fact that Antifa has been designated by the federal government as a violent terrorist hate group.

This is who an 8th grade teacher chooses to openly associate with. People who assault cops, support murdering them, and threaten their political opponents with AR-15’s.

Here’s another nice woman she was with the day of the anti-coronavirus lockdown rally in Bridgewater.

One woman carried a sign saying “this country blows,” while intentionally choosing to live in this country.

Another friend of hers wore an “abolish the police” mask to complement his “my stepdad Jeff drank all the Mountain Dew” black on black skinny jeans ensemble.

This man seemed to particularly target unarmed black men with his armed friends.

One man was carrying a communist flag while harassing a black man, which would make sense since communism is a system that has oppressed racial minorities for decades.

Leave your kids at home folks. They don’t want to be at these rallies.

Jill Sheridan’s behavior at this event was disturbing as well. Here is a video of her harassing police officers, removing her mask when she gets close to them in order to try to get peaceful protesters arrested, and then sadistically targeting what appears to be two kids who were observing the madness.

Again, this woman is supposed to be a role model for children.

Would you feel like your child would be treated fairly in her class if this woman knew you voted for Donald Trump? Are any children safe around her if the express conservative views in public? Probably not.

Nevertheless she was quite proud of her actions, and attempted to justify it by baselessly calling the anti-lockdown protesters “domestic terrorists,” and Proud Boys who run illegal daycare centers.

According to Jill she left the peaceful vigil for Breonna Taylor to disrupt the peaceful rally to end lockdown restrictions to “make sure this type of stuff doesn’t roll into town.”

And by “type of stuff” she meant “black and white people protesting coronavirus restrictions.”

She claims that her Qualters Middle School administrators are aware that she associates with people who get arrested for assaulting cops while armed and post about murdering them, and that they are OK with it.

People like Jill Sheridan are hateful and violent. They attempt to justify their actions and their associations by alleging that their political opponents are the actual domestic terrorists. But the fact of the matter is that the rally in Bridgewater was completely peaceful until she showed up with her Antifa friends to disrupt it. What kind of message does this send to the children of Mansfield? That bullying, violence, and threats are OK as long as the person you’re victimizing has different political opinions than you? That conservatives by their very existence are evil and must be banned from speaking in the public square?

This woman has no business teaching and is a disgrace to the profession, but she claims that her administrators support and condone her actions. Feel free to ask them yourselves if this is true by emailing Qualters Middle School Principal David McGovern, Assistant Principals Kevin Hoffman and Mary Cotillo, and Superintendent Teresa Murphy.

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