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Mark Zuckerberg Just Screwed Us All By Getting Caught Saying That It Would “Suck” If Elizabeth Warren Became President


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was caught on a secret recording being a pompous titan of industry and basically telling the federal government that he was going to fight them if they tried to break up his monopoly. In particular he called out Elizabeth Warren.

He’s not stupid. He knows that a Warren Presidency would be terrible for business. It’s just unfortunate because he’s the most unlikable person in the world, and he just gave arguably his biggest rival for that crown more ammo to go after him with.

Now Warren is the good guy who’s here to break up the evil corporation, who people on both sides of the aisle have huge problems with. Mark Zuckerberg continues to screws over Americans, albeit inadvertently.

The democratic nomination is a done deal at this point. She’s a huge favorite to win the democratic primary in Vegas, and once she gets the nomination the media is going to provide her with more favorable coverage than any candidate in American history. The good part is that she’s so unlikable, and she’ll continue to say dumb things about the police, that she’ll make it impossible for anyone in middle America to connect with her. It’s the reason I’m voting for her, and I urge other Trump supporters to do the same. You want the weakest candidate possible to win the nomination.

She also doesn’t want to break up big tech for the reasons that we do. I despise Facebook and Twitter because they censor people like us. She hates them because they don’t censor enough people. Complaints from people like her after the 2016 election directly led to our Facebook page being taken down. They believe that “conspiracy theories” and “hate speech” should be banned from all platforms. And of course she will decide what’s a conspiracy theory and what’s hate speech.

The bottom line is that these are probably the worst two people alive today. If Donald Trump could just stop tweeting for five seconds and ride this economy to November 2020, he’d win in a landslide. I still think he’ll win if she gets the nomination, which is why I’m voting for her in the primary, but it shouldn’t even be a contest.


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