Marlborough Middle School Principal Posts Inflammatory Hate Speech On Facebook About Police, Trump Supporters, Violates School’s Social Media And Bullying Policies


This is Whitcomb Middle School (Marlborough) Principal Brian Daniels.

Brian Daniels looks down on students and their parents who supporter Donald Trump or any conservative politicians, and lets them know why on his completely public and inflammatory Facebook page. For instance, he called Trump a “spineless dick” for putting up fencing, not knowing that 7 months later Washington would be covered in fencing.

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He’s also into making fun of Georgia for being dumb and reopening schools as his school remains closed indefinitely for absolutely no reason.

Spreading lies about rapist Jacob Blake and blaming the heroic cop who shot him.

Why is a Principal spreading Russian disinformation that creates hostility and distrust towards the police? Jacob Blake admits he was armed. He was not there to break up a fight. The woman who called the police was the mother of his children and had a restraining order out on him because he digitally penetrated her while she was sleeping, smelt his fingers and said it smelt like other men. He was attempting to kidnap the 3 children and indicated he would harm them in order to avoid escape. He fought the police and non-lethal methods including tasing did not work. Literally everything this man tasked with educating children posted was a blatant lie. Here’s Blake’s arrest report for rape.

Brian Daniels is a rape apologist who enjoys when black women are raped. When that happens he will make up lies to defend their rapists because he is a depraved human being.

He really hates the police, thinks they’re all racist killers, and posts all the time about how rotten they are and why they need to be dismantled.

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He doesn’t support riots unless the police show up, in which case it is justifiable to riot because the cops provoked it.

He’s an avowed socialist.

He believes it’s racist to say all lives matter or blue lives matter.

He wants Hunter Biden to be appointed to White House jobs so “republicans lose their shit.”

He often shares news so fake that Facebook won’t show it.

He supports arresting parents at outdoor soccer games for not wearing masks.

He hates Trump, but also hates his supporters too, and ironically believes that the only people who voted for Trump are consumed with hate.

He often uses foul and crude language.

In America it has never been “OK” to kneel on a black man’s neck. That’s why Derek Chauvin is facing murder charges. Why is a school principal spreading such ignorance and misinformation on social media?

Donald Trump started no wars while in office, unlike other “civil” republicans like Dick Cheney who started wars in countries based on complete lies that ended with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Americans. Brian Daniels would prefer deadly killer Republicans like Liz Cheney because they don’t like Trump’s non-interventionist policy either.

He believes white privilege is a thing because of Brock Turner, even though the judge who gave him a lenient sentence was notoriously lenient with most defendants and didn’t get noticed until he was lenient with a white male.

He also likes to shame educators who post inflammatory opinions about black lives matter on social media.

While doing the exact same thing and not realizing it.

According to Whitcomb Middle School’s website their school mission is:

The Whitcomb School community promotes a respectful and safe environment that fosters the growth of the middle level child. With the core values of integrity, respect, trust, and responsibility at the heart of all we are and do, students engage in academic experiences designed to explore and master essential curriculum competencies, and social opportunities, intended to promote global awareness and civic responsibility. 

Students are expected to respect each other, and teachers are there to teach them to do so. Meanwhile the principal is posting about how he has no respect for the 74 million people who voted for Trump, including the 6,000 people who did so in Marlborough.

According to Whitcomb’s student handbook for social media usage outside of school, “A staff member’s conduct in the social media area is viewed as an extension of classroom behavior. Therefore, any online behavior by school employees must meet the same standards as those used for face-to-face communications at the Marlborough Public Schools.”

Is this the sort of face-to-face communications the school permits?

It also says that faculty members cannot,”Knowingly posting or communicating inaccurate or false information.”

 Yet the principal routinely does that.

It says that their postings should command and receive the respect of all students while remaining objective towards them.

Those restrictions are intended to preserve student confidentiality, maintain staff members’ status as employees who should command and receive the respect of students, be able to maintain order and discipline in their classrooms, remain objective with respect to their students, and to further the efficient and effective operation of the school district in its educational mission. 

If a student’s parents are cops or voted for Trump, would seeing something like this make them feel respected and feel like Brian Daniels would treat them objectively?

How can any student think their principal will treat them with respect if their principal thinks their Dad is a corrupt killer?

Whitcomb’s bullying policy states that students and staff must not do anything that “creates a hostile environment at school for the victim.”

Meanwhile, Brian Daniels is participating in online mobs that attack and dehumanize people based on their political beliefs.

This summer we published a blog about a Marlborough elementary school teacher named Jen Vacca who posted similarly incendiary things on social media using the name “Liberal Venom” and was not fired.

So perhaps this is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed by the School Committee and superintendent, because the rules only seem to apply to the kids who can’t go to school because the union won’t let them.

Brian Daniels is entitled to his political opinions, but his Facebook page is public and any student can view it. Some did, which is how we were alerted to this story – upset students and parents in Marlborough who can’t send their kids to school because of lockdown tyrants like Brian Daniels. Over 6,000 people in this city voted for Trump, constituting about a third of the votes cast. Those people are the minority and their candidate lost, but they are people too, and their opinions should matter. But to bigots and rape apologists like Brian Daniels they’re all subhuman pigs who he looks down upon. He is consumed with anger and hatred and will likely keep his job due to white privilege. In fact, despite overseeing hiring in a school that is only 55% white, his teaching staff is almost entirely white, including himself. It’s clearly never occurred to him that many people actually liked Trump, including people of color (as you can see from the screenshots the turtle rider who first alerted us is Hispanic). Yet he has no desire to get to ask them why, and assumes the worst of them all. How can someone this close minded be trusted to treat kids fairly? What would he do to Barron Trump?

Teachers and principals are supposed to be role models who treat other people online the way they expect students who don’t agree with each other to treat one another. Brian Daniels should be fired, as he is unfit to model appropriate behavior and do his job effectively. Behavior like this will never be tolerated by the New Resistance. Feel free to contact Mr. Daniels’ bosses to let them know your feelings.

Superintendent Michael Bergeron – [email protected]

Asst. Superintendent Mary Murphy – [email protected]



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