Marlborough Teacher Says She’s Indoctrinating Her Students, Wants To Urinate On Trump’s Grave On Twitter Account That Regularly Uses Profanity And Attacks Children For Being Conservative


The other day we published a blog abut Jen Vacca, the Marlborough kindergarten teacher, Grafton resident, and BLM enthusiast who attempted to shame and criminalize high school graduates because they took prom pictures on the town common.

This led to people contacting the authorities to report these kids who were robbed of the chance to have a prom because Karens like her are afraid of a virus.

But she had no problem attending a crowded BLM protest where many were not wearing masks.

The woman is a real menace and nearly had a judge slap a restraining order on her for harassing a local business owner because she posted on Facebook that she would defend her business from looters.

She does most of her online harassment using the Twitter account @LiberalVenom, which had nearly 17K followers before she deactivated it after the blog was published. According to her it’s OK to do this from an alt account but she’d never do it from her real account.


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But that account has been posting a lot of stuff we didn’t see the first time that indicates that this woman is completely unfit to be teaching small children. She’s posted about how she indoctrinates children.

She constantly mocks Trump supporters who she thinks very little of, even though parents of her students likely voted for Trump.

She said that she would squat over and urinate on President Trump’s grave.

She’s said that conservatives are racist extremists who deny science, while simultaneously ignoring scientists and doctors who tell her it’s safe to go back to school.

She constantly uses profanity that any of her student’s parents can see.

She had a lot to say about the Covington Catholic kids, who were wrongly smeared by the media with lies, received thousands of death threats, and later forced both CNN and the Washington Post to pay out large settlements after being sued. Jen referred to these children as the KKK, said that their MAGA hats were equivalent to white Klan hoods, called the kids rapists, white supremacists and disrespectful teens, and admittedly posted the personal information of a child who turned out not to be Nicholas Sandman (the kid who smiled while a drum was being banged in his face).

But it would be OK to dox a 16 year old child in front of her 17,000 followers if it was the right kid. This menace is in charge of teaching children.

She teaches kids that it’s OK to laugh at and mock people with differing viewpoints, such as the belief that lockdowns infringe on civil liberties.

She clearly has a deep hatred for white men and doesn’t want to hear their opinion about anything.

She gleefully cheered on as a mob forced Dave Andelman to resign as Phantom Gourmet CEO because he made harmless jokes about why BLM protests were allowed to take place while businesses had to be closed.

She said that teachers get paid “so little” because they’re all women.

According to the MPS teacher’s contract she’s likely making between $80-100K a year, depending on how many credits she has. The most I ever made teaching was $55K and I’m not a woman. I would argue that teachers are paid neither too much or too little, and they’re not paid as much as police officers is because teacher’s contracts agree to pay them for 183 days of work a year. Feminism is rots the brain.

She supports the Antifa slogan “all cops are bastards.”

Her daughter Sarah is equally as bad, and the two of them disrupted a blue lives matter rally in Grafton because people who support the cops are klansmen too.

She really doesn’t want to go back to work, which is why she tried to use her account to get Chuck Woolery and others to retweet #OnlyWhenItsSafe, to keep schools closed.

She also doesn’t want to go on strike because you don’t get paid when you do that.

This woman has no business being a teacher. You can’t possibly think that she’d treat kids fairly if she found out their parents were Trump supporters. She’s admitted to trying to indoctrinate them, and her online behavior is unbecoming of a teacher. Some would say that she shouldn’t be fired because cancel culture is wrong. People who think like that are going into a gun fight with a butter knife. This is a woman who just days ago tried to dox and ruin the life of a guy for not wearing a mask at Walmart.

A woman who gleefully smears teachers that the Huffington Post arbitrarily labels as white nationalists and tries to get them canned as well.

She’s chosen to play on this playing field so we have to meet her there. This woman is a disgrace to the profession and returning to school shouldn’t be an option for her because she should be fired. Feel free to send a respectfully worded email to Jaworek Elementary School Principal Ron Sanborn and Vice Principal Kara Nowak to let them know your concerns.

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