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Mass Association Of School Committees Holds Maskless Convention In Hyannis With DESE Commissioner Jeff Riley Who Is Forcing Children To Wear Masks In Schools


The Massachusetts Association of School Committees is a voluntary organization that every School Committee in this state pays to be a member of. In August we published internal emails from this organization, which acts as a left wing political action committee, showing members plotting to force children to get vaccinated in order to participate in school activities and wear masks at all times.

Last week MASC held a three day convention in Hyannis that was attended by School Committee members, State Representatives, and State Senators from all over Massachusetts. On Instagram they specifically stated that all attendees would have to wear a mask.

Wouldn’t want to look like a hypocrite, considering they’re mandating that until January 15 (at which point they’ll just extend it further, including for basketball and indoor track.

Your child has to struggle to breathe with a mask on their face while their coach yells muffled directions from the sidelines. Yet MASC attendees posted images from the conference on Twitter using the hashtag #MASCMass21, and as you will see not a single one of the hundreds of people in the overcrowded room was wearing a mask. Let’s start with DESE Commissioner Jeffrey Riley.

On August 20 he took control away from local school committees by mandating that all schools in Massachusetts require children to wear masks at all times, in complete defiance of science and logic. Your 5 year old must wear a mask for 7 hours a day and can’t hear their teacher or see their friends smile, but Jeffrey Riley doesn’t have to wear one. Jeffrey Riley is at risk if he gets COVID, your child is not.

Democratic Representative Carol Doherty from Taunton was one of the co-authors of State Senator Rebecca Rausch’s bill in August to mandate that all children wear masks in school.

Here she is, without a mask on at the MASC convention, along with Revere School Committee member Stacey Rizzo and AFT Union President Beth Kontos.

State Senator Adam Hinds (D- Pittsfield), who is running for Lt. Governor, said that it was “basically common sense” that your children should have to wear masks in August.

Yet here he is alongside State Rep Natalie Blais, Quabbin Regional Superintendent Sheila Muir, Ashburnham-Westminster Superintendent Todd Stewart, and Ashburnham-Westminster School Committee member and MASC President Ellen Holmes, not wearing masks at the convention.

Holmes also serves on the MIAA Board, which forced children to wear masks in outdoor sport activities. As you can see, she didn’t wear a mask the entire time despite being morbidly obese and highly at risk, but your perfectly healthy children must struggle to breath because she is a monster.

Others not wearing masks in the crowded room included Marshfield Superintendent Jeffrey Granatino and whoever runs the Marblehead Public Schools account.

Framingham School Committee member Tiffanie Cameron Maskell.


Lee School Committee member Andrea Wadsworth.

Grafton School Committee member Laura Often, who asked her fellow MASC members in an August 20 email how to prevent students from using the religious exemption to avoid smothering their faces in school, was not wearing a mask, but she was looking forward to pursuing educational equity.

Plymouth School Committee member Kim Savery and MTA teacher of the year Jennifer Hedrington were trying to kill Grandma too, and took away the public’s ability to comment on this picture on her Facebook page.

Barbara Davis from the Holbrook School Committee won an award and was documenting most of the convention, which mainly consisted of horribly out of shape cholesterol magnets sitting in close proximity without masks on.


Of course Worcester School Committee member Tracy Novick was there as well, promoting the Mass Bail Fund, which last year famously bailed a 3 time rapist out of jail allowing him to rape another black woman.

That’s just classic Tracy Novick. She genuinely enjoys when black women are raped because she is a ghoul.

She was joined fellow Worcester School Committee member Laura Clancey, who only was elected because Brian O’Connell died a week before the election.

Wachusett Regional Lauren Salmon-Garrett attended sans mask, despite pushing masks on my daughter in the Holden schools.

Students in the schools must wear masks, but students who attend the MASC conference and lecture adults about injustice do not.

They are just following in the footsteps of national AFT President Randi Weingarten, who closed schools and forced masks on your children, and was caught in a packed room without a mask on over the weekend in Puerto Rico.

After getting caught she said that it was OK for her to take her mask off because she can’t hear other people when they wear masks.


Unlike your 6 year old, who can hear their teacher just fine.

This all comes from the top. The Biden administration is currently the laughingstock of the world, as EU health officials couldn’t believe her baseless claim the other day about masks reducing the spread of COVID by 80%.

They just make it all up in order to hurt children because they are sick, sadistic, subhuman monsters.

Whatever amount of contempt you have for these people is not nearly enough. These are not human beings we can have policy disagreements with. They are evil monsters looking to hurt your children, while openly flaunting that they will not subject themselves to the same abuse that they subject your kids too. When you see them in public create a scene. Video tape them. Shame them. Humiliate them. Then run for office and remove them. They only get away with this because they can.



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