Mass Bail Fund Bailed Dangerous Man Who Walked Into Charlie Baker’s House Out Of Jail Despite Terrorizing Danvers Old Folks Home


Due to an influx of cash from the George Floyd riots, the Massachusetts Bail Fund has had ample funds to bail out a white serial sex offender from Melrose, and a three time rapist from Boston who ended up raping again while he was out on bail.

They lied to their donors and told them they’d only be bailing out peaceful rioters and low level criminals so they didn’t have to rot in jail until trial. But clearly that is not what they are doing, which was made clear once again when they bailed out the man who walked past a state trooper making $250K a year working the detail at Governor Baker’s house.

Salem News: A nonprofit whose goal is the abolishment of pretrial detention has posted $5,000 bail for the Danvers man charged with breaking and entering at Gov. Charlie Baker’s home last month. The Massachusetts Bail Fund posted Lane Forman’s bail during the weekend and on Tuesday, Forman was fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet and released from Lynn District Court, court and jail officials confirmed.  Forman, 59, who lives at Tapley Manor, an elderly and disabled housing complex on Holten Street in Danvers, has been ordered to stay away from the governor’s home in Swampscott and have no contact with Baker or his family while the case is pending. The Bail Fund, whose slogan is “Free Them All,” came under scrutiny last summer, when it began posting significant bails in serious felonies, far exceeding their original $500 cap. 

Among those freed on bail through donations to the fund are Tyler Jacquard, a sex offender who is facing charges of lewd behavior at a Lynnfield shopping plaza last June, and who had been charged with entering and peering into dormitories at Endicott College before the case was dropped due to lack of a proper identification procedure by police. The Bail Fund posted Jacquard’s $30,000 bail last summer.  The fund also posted $15,000 bail for a twice-convicted rapist awaiting trial on a third rape charge; after his release he was arrested on a fourth rape charge, and posted $85,000 bail for a man charged in a shooting on Boston Common. 

A group of Republican legislators, including Sen. Bruce Tarr, have called for a hearing into the fund’s activities. Some judges have also questioned whether donations by strangers, as opposed to one’s own funds or money from a family member, are enough of an incentive for a defendant to return to court. The group has adjusted its cap several times; according to its website it now posts bails of up to $5,000.

Forman, charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a misdemeanor – a charge his lawyer has indicated he’ll seek to dismiss – was held on bail following his arraignment while he underwent an evaluation and dealt with a probation violation hearing in the Boston Municipal Court. He was on probation in a harassment case involving a former Massport official. Forman has told a judge that he had been given permission by the governor, whom he claims as a friend, to drop off materials about his mother’s death in a nursing home. Forman’s bail was set in part due to a 14-page criminal record, most of it sealed, that included some crimes of violence. 

Ya hate to see it. Charlie Baker encouraged the BLM riots, which led to more donations to the bail fund, and now they’re bailing out clearly psychotic individuals who think they’re buddies with him. And according to people in the know, this unhinged lunatic who lives in an old folks home despite only being 59, has been threatening, harassing, and injuring elderly residents there for years.

The best part is that this is a picture of Charlie Baker signing an infamous “criminal justice reform” bill in 2018, which included a provision that made it much easier for people like Lane Forman to get bailed out if they couldn’t afford to do so.

So to review, Baker pandered to BLM not once, but twice, because punishing criminals is racist, and consequently a dangerous white guy who walked past a sleeping state trooper making $250K a year to protect him was able to walkout of jail like nothing happened. Maybe, just maybe, everyone should stop taking anything BLM has to say seriously. And if you can’t come up with bail on your own then you can rot in jail until your trial. Don’t like that? Don’t get arrested. Pretty simple.


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