State Police Forced To Pay For Full Time Detail At Lt. Governor Karyn Polito’s House Because Sgt Working Detail At Governor’s House Allowed Man To Walk Inside Undetected 


Several turtle riders messaged us over the weekend to ask why there is a state trooper stationed outside of Karyn Polito’s family compound on Lake Quinsig in Shrewsbury.

You may recall that in May the Lt. Governor admitted to attending a huge family party at her brother’s house next door, despite telling citizens that they must stay home for Memorial Day weekend. She claimed it was outdoors only, and that everyone was socially distanced. But witnesses said there were at least 40 people, no masks, and the party was both inside and outside.

Anyway, lots of people wanted to know why the Lt. Governor is now getting a full time detail. Are the cops there to enforce the new COVID protocols, given her well documented history of participating in super spreader events? Not quite. Turns out it was a reaction to this

The man accused of brazenly breaking into Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s home last week walked through an unlocked door and left behind an envelope of documents before being questioned by authorities, court documents show. According to the court documents, Danvers resident Lane Forman allegedly drove into the driveway of the governor’s Swampscott home around 2:35 p.m. on Oct. 7 before walking through an unlocked side door. Forman is accused of entering the home and leaving a manila envelope on the floor of an interior entryway leading to the kitchen, the documents said. The envelope, addressed to Baker, allegedly contained a letter to the governor as well as several documents and photos.

First lady Lauren Baker and the couple’s daughter were in the house at the time, according to the court documents. A police trooper allegedly spotted Forman — who the court documents said was known to police — and approached him. Forman allegedly responded by saying, “DON’T F—-WITH ME CHARLIE TOLD ME TO DROP THIS OFF,” the documents said.  Forman told a judge the entire incident is a misunderstanding and his lawyer said he hopes to have him out on bail by the weekend.

It’s because this lunatic walked right by Charlie Parker’s paid MSP detail and went into this house with an envelope when Charlie wasn’t home. But no one has ever really asked how such an obvious security breach could happen when there is a full time security detail at the house. Nor have they announced who the State Trooper was that allowed this to happen, or what punishment they received.

The answer, according to trusted sources, is that Sgt. Christopher Dougherty fell asleep on the job. His salary last year was $241,770.33, with over $66K coming from details sitting outside Charlie Baker’s house doing nothing.

Now, as a result of his negligence, for which he was not disciplined, the taxpayers must also pay for another detail to be at Karyn Polito’s house. Had he just done his job the man never would’ve gotten in and the Shrewsbury detail would not be necessary.

What makes this even more unforgivable is that the troopers doing the detail at Baker’s house should’ve been on high alert, considering the death threats against Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan, as well as the almost daily protests outside his house between black lives matter agitators and Diana Ploss’ merry band of morons.

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Last month a group of activists from Boston protesting the de facto legalization of heroin on meth mile dumped a bunch of syringes on his walkway.

Baker’s wife said it was frightening that this happened, and somehow got a restraining order against the man who dumped the needles, because apparently free speech doesn’t exist when you are protesting tyrants. Yet her husband is the governor of a state that allows drug addicts to shoot up in broad daylight and leave their used needles all over the South End of Boston. As long as it’s not in her neighborhood it’s not “frightening.”

Either way, security should’ve been at an all time high. Instead some hack trooper making a quarter of a million dollars a year in taxpayer money didn’t do his job, which in turn cost the taxpayers more money by necessitating a detail at Polito’s compound. Business as usual over at the most corrupt organization in the state.


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