Mass State Police Brag About DUI Arrest Made By State Trooper Previously Arrested By Acton Police For DUI, Questionable Testimony Sent Ex-Boyfriend Trooper To Jail For Rape

Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Weekend Live Show (38:12)

Last night the Massachusetts State Police made a Facebook about a DUI arrest that a trooper made on I-93 South in Quincy, in which the driver was found to be illegally carrying a gun and ammunition.

There were 3 types of comments underneath the post:

  1. The 2A people who decried the police for infringing on the rights of alcoholics to to carry unregistered guns while driving under the influence.
  2. People who came there to make Tom Jones jokes, and the boomers who surprisingly didn’t understand them.

Jesus Christ, Halen. This is like the one joke that’s not supposed to go over your head. They’re not making cracks about some YouTube rapper you’ve never heard of before. They’re talking about the guy who’s been making women your age moist for the last 50 years. Be better.

The third type of comment were the usual “back the blue” bots, who instinctively feel the need to thank police and call troopers like Angela Guerrera heroes for taking people like this off the streets for 12 hours.



Except there’s just one problem – Trooper Angela Guerrera has a long and documented history of alcohol abuse, abuse of power, and was charged with a DUI herself in 2019.

We published the Acton Police report, showing that a call came in at 1:15 AM that Guerrera nearly sideswiped a driver in Maynard. The cop who pulled her over said that she reeked of booze, her eyes were bloodshot, she slurred her speech, failed multiple DUI tests, and refused a breathalyzer. Rather than handing the officer her license and registration she handed him her MSP badge and attempted to use that to avoid arrest. When he refused she asked who his sergeant was, and she cried throughout her booking. She had run up a $72 bar tab prior to being pulled over.


She escaped conviction because she knew that refusing the breathalyzer makes it harder to get a conviction, and her case was moved to Quincy District Court. She was never disciplined for it, and the State Police continue to use her as a diversity prop in ads that they run.

We reported that a month later they put her on a DUI detail, which she was later pulled from, and MSP launched an investigation about who sent me that information. They were less concerned about why a drunk driving state trooper was put on a DUI sobriety checkpoint.


Now they’re out here on Facebook bragging about how she is arresting drunk drivers, without any sort of shame or embarrassment.

We published a much bigger story about Guerrera when she gave extremely questionable testimony against her ex-boyfriend and former state trooper Bob Sundberg, accusing him of raping her. Sundberg got divorced after having an affair with Trooper Guerrera from 2010-2016. Their alcohol fueled relationship was wildly sexual and volatile, which he ended up breaking off after they moved in together and had discussed buying a home. She did not make any rape accusations until after he broke up with her in 2016, backed out of their real estate deal. Only after he dumped her did she allege that she was raped 3 times in 2010, 2015, and 2016 (but allowed him to live with her children anyway).

As part of our investigation we interviewed several troopers and friends of Sundberg who were adamant about his innocence. They said that his relationship with Guerrera was toxic, and fueled by alcohol and sex. They said that both of them shouldn’t have been state troopers based on their behavior off the job.

We were able to pull court documents that were ruled inadmissible at trial by the feminist Smith College graduate judge in Lowell, on the grounds of rape shield law. But according to rape shield laws there are exceptions for when there is “evidence of the victims sexual conduct with the defendant.” And according to the documents we reviewed, lots of this evidence was excluded from the trial would qualify for that exception. Excluded evidence included:

  • Any mention of her 2017 DUI or alcohol abuse.
  • She was reassigned to the sex crimes division and is well versed on how to present testimony in a way that is more likely to end up in a conviction, especially since his defense attorneys could not attack her glaring character flaws.
  • Instead of being fired for the DUI she was reassigned to work as a state police liaison to the department of corrections. Sources tell us that credible allegations were made about her there, including inappropriate relationships with prisoners, but that she kept her job as a trooper in spite of this.
  • Text messages from her during the time periods in which she claims to have been raped, in which she sent him sexually provocative text messages, participated in threesomes and partner swapping, and made a sex tape.
  • She told a friend that she had “baby fever,” suggesting that she wanted to have a child with him, but he didn’t want to.
  • In 2011, after the first alleged rape, Trooper Guerrera and Sundberg participated in an orgy at at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. He invited his friend Michael Lebel and she invited her friend Iracy (sp) DaSilva.
  • Statements from a man named Jefferson Davis (dead serious), who claims to have tagteamed Guerrera with Sundberg in a hotel. This would refute the prosecution’s claim that Sundberg raped her out of jealousy because she was cheating on him. He allowed and watched another man to have sex with her.
  • A sex tape was excluded from evidence that was filmed in December 2015, months after the alleged second rape, in which Trooper Guerrera claims she didn’t realize she was being filmed. But in the video she acknowledges the camera, asks if they can record it, the two of them have consensual sex, and she ends it by saying “fuck, oh I got the camera, I mean the phone….you gotta dry that off.”
  • Testimony that in December of 2015 Guerrera and Sundberg went to a party with strippers at a local business in Acton, where Guerrera was the only woman. At the party witnesses testified that one of the strippers touched Guerrera’s breast during a lap dance, and that both Guerrera and Sundberg inserted a dildo into the stripper’s mouth.
  • Guerrera also accused her ex-husband Michael of sexually assaulting her, but later recanted.

But none of this was able to be brought up at trial. Had the jury been aware this information it certainly would’ve provided reasonable doubt that she was ever the victim of rape. Her credibility would’ve been shot because she lied about him stalking her, being abusive, and filming them having sex without consent. We know this because one of the jurors reached out to us after reading the blog, and she believed after reading the documents that he didn’t rape her.

I reached out to Sundberg’s attorneys with this information, but the 3 high powered, high priced male lawyers did not return my calls. According to the juror she believes that the optics of a female state trooper, and 3 male attorneys in a rape trial worked against Sundberg.

On top of that Sundberg had begun a new relationship with a friend of Guerrera’s, which angered her. This friend was not allowed to testify about things Guerrera had told her, while a lesbian woman who Guerrera was staying with was allowed to testify.

I have known Bob 8 years. I knew Angie for a few years as well. She stayed at my house in early May of 2016 after he kicked her out. She had been staying with a woman name Deb Spaulding. She was allowed to testify on Angie’s behalf and state things that Angie had said to her. Meanwhile, I was not allowed to testify to the fact that while staying at my house Angie stated to me that she had to get out of Deb’s house because they were sharing a bed (Deb is gay) and that Deb was making sexual advances on her and she feared that if she didn’t have sex with her that Deb would not give her testimony which she wanted. 

Additionally, Guerrera was furious with Sundberg when his mother invited his ex-wife on a family trip to Disney World so that her grandkids could be around their mother. Combined with him backing out of the real estate deal and breaking up with Guerrera, it would explain why she would have the motive to lie about being raped, and at the very least provide reasonable doubt to a juror.

Guerrera’s reputation was already smeared with the MSP long before her DUI arrest. Many troopers we spoke with spoke of her lack of professionalism and gross incompetence. She was openly suicidal but never had her gun taken from her as well.

During Guerrera’s victim impact statement she blamed Sundberg for not pleading guilty, accused Sundberg and his new girlfriend of being behind the 911 call that led to her DUI arrest (she presented herself as the victim in that), claimed to have conducted her own investigation into the DUI, and accused Sundberg of manipulating his new girlfriend into supporting him so that he could get information from her. The crocodile tears referenced by the juror begin around the 4:28 mark.

While preparing for this trial, Robert continued to manipulate and prey on women. Some of them are even sitting in this courtroom today. He went to great lengths to target a dear friend of mine that was initially helping me and my children get back on our feet. Robert wooed her, and began an affair with her, knowing that she would easily have access to my information about my new address and my whereabouts.

He also found a way to manipulate another woman to the point where she would do anything for his affection. This other woman stalked me and placed a fake emergency call that led the Acton Police to improperly investigate me and subsequently place me under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. This arrest caused me great public humiliation, shame, and threatened to ruin my reputation on the MSP. I spent months trying to regain my mental health enough to investigate my own OUI arrest and discovered the evidence that led back to Robert. Eventually I was able to exonerate myself from the unfounded arrest that left me broke and emotionally and mentally exhausted.

I spoke with the woman in question several times, and she assured me she wasn’t manipulated by Sundberg, nor did she stalk Guerrera. Guerrera admitted in that statement that she suffers from mental health issues, but managed to rebound and investigate her own DUI before reaching the conclusion that she was not guilty.

It’s blatantly corrupt that MSP continues to employ this woman, never mind put her on the road and allow her to make DUI arrests. Where is BLM on this overt police corruption? This woman had the audacity to present herself as a victim when she drove drunk, and admittedly has mental health issues. But we are to believe that she wouldn’t lie about being raped the moment she got dumped? This case still haunts me to this day, knowing that an innocent man is in jail, while a lying, drunken trooper continues to have a gun and a badge.


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