Maude Gorman Is Lobbying Speaker DeLeo And Senate President Spilka To Pass A Sexual Assault Bill And Is Continuing To Lie In Order To Do So 


Maude Gorman is a well known pathological liar who pretended to be offended by a harmless Me Too joke months after losing the Miss Massachusetts pageant, under the guise that she was a sexual assault survivor.

It was alleged by others in the pageant community that Maude was just a sore loser trying to attract attention away from the first woman of color to ever win the pageant.

Recently on IG Maude celebrated the one year anniversary of her being “brutally exiled” from the pageant community, when in reality her selfish actions and willingness to burn everyone on the way out did that for her.

Even worse, on Saturday she posted that she was celebrating Armed Forces Day while sharing images of herself in Coast Guard auxiliary clothing.

Clearly implying that she was somehow a member of the armed forced, when in fact she was not.

Her most offensive lie is still her allegation that she was gang raped by three teenagers in a public park in Hingham; a lie she has used in order to garner sympathy as a strong survivor and win pageants over the years.

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Now she’s taking that lie to the next level and urging the State Legislature to pass a bill she’s been lobbying for, which would mandate that colleges institute “sexual misconduct climate surveys.” She testified in front of a State Legislature committee on the bill.

She has met with State Senate President Karen Spilka and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo to lobby passage of this bill.

And she convinced State Rep Natalie Higgins to sign a pledge promising to always believe people like Maude when they say that they’re the victims of sexual assault.

Regardless of the fact that Maude is a pathological liar.

Her activism has gone to DC and the United Nationas as well.

Because there’s nothing Maude can’t do by telling lies.

Except that time she got caught cheating in multiple long distance races but yet still claims to run marathons on Instragram.

I’m just blown away by her ability to not only continue to make up these outrageous lies, but to use them in order to influence powerful people to create laws that she wants passed.

For MVTB’s more colorful take on this story click here to read it on TBS.


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