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Maynard Middle School Principal Defends Nonbinary Antifa Teacher Who Forces Kids To Use Made Up Pronouns And Call Her Mx Jay, Blames Parents For Being Bigoted


A Maynard parent went to pick up their child at Fowler Middle School yesterday and noticed a teacher going to their car who was dressed like a pregnant bag of Skittles.

As you can see she/they/him was wearing Crocs to school in January, along with the distracting rainbow muumuu this is clearly not an appropriate outfit for a teacher to wear in school.

The concerned parent emailed Principal Michael Barth to ask if there was a dress code for teachers, whether or not substitute teachers had to pass a CORI check, and what qualifications they had to have.

Principal He/Him responded by basically said he’d take anyone because it’s hard to find subs, as long as they pass a CORI and get fingerprinted. As for the dress code, he said it was flexible, but that most teachers go “business casual.” And because the substitute teachers could make more money working at Home Depot he lets them wear whatever they want to school.



Keep in mind, the Assistant Principal appears to be someone you’d find at last call at a Webster biker bar.

But his position on substitute teachers being allowed to wear whatever they want simply because they’re poor is ridiculous. Home Depot has a dress code, as do most minimum wage jobs.

The parent then responded by telling the Principal that the teacher he was concerned about was the pregnant bag of Skittles, whose legal name is Jay Verchin, but who goes by “Mx Jay,” or just Jay to students. Jay was born a woman, but now is the made up designation of “nonbinary,” and requests that you use they/them pronouns when addressing her. This substitute teacher is well known amongst Maynard parents who have complained about the way she dresses, including wearing daisy dukes and half shirts. She has also reportedly told children as young as 6 that she is both a boy and a girl, which has left children severely confused and traumatized.

Other parents and teachers at Fowler School feel the same way but are too afraid to speak up out of fear of being labeled as a bigot by people like Mike Barth.

If a heterosexual “cisgender” teacher dressed that way they would be reprimanded. But Mx Jay is part of a protected class, so cowards like Mike Barth come up with excuses for why rules don’t apply to them. Clearly outfits like that are a huge distraction for children, which can interfere with the learning environment. That is the only thing that matters. A child’s right to an education is more important than a teacher’s right to self expression while on the clock.

What was the interview like? Did he/they/she come dressed like that? Do people her age completely disregard societal and professional norms entirely and get a pass for it? Granted, the district seems pathetically desperate for anyone with a pulse to teach kids:

Still, I think they can do better.

But my bigger question is, how did Jay Verchin’s criminal past not come up on a CORI check? In July 2020 while attending Clark University she was one of several students arrested for being at a riot in which Antifa destroyed a cop car and one person had a molotov cocktail on a roof. She complained about being mistreated by the cops and eventually the charges were dropped, as they were for almost all rioters.

As long as you don’t put your feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk you can riot till the cows come home.

But even more concerning are Jay’s social media posts. I don’t mind that she documented her transition from pleasant looking and healthy little girl, to Chunky Its Pat.

That’s her business, as it is for many transgender young people who have gained massive amounts of weight as a side effect from taking hormones that turn their bodies into Frankenstein. All those hormones and you’re still an alto/tenor?

Jay should get a refund.

I don’t mind that they/them wasted four years and acquired hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt on a useless degree in music, or that she will expect her debt to be paid for by people who learned actual life skills that pay money. I’m more concerned about the fact that this individual is a self-identified communist genderqueer who chooses to present themselves as a circus freak drag queen on their wide open social media accounts.

I don’t want my children taught by people who look like this in and out of school, and I won’t apologize for that.

Keep in mind, this person’s Facebook, IG, and Twitter are wide open and any student can view them. Most middle school students have cell phones and can see all of this, which is why school districts have social media policies that teachers must adhere to. As a former teacher I can assure you that you do not have First Amendment rights on social media, because you do not have to be a teacher. Children can go to your pages, see the things you’re posting, and might be afraid to approach you if it’s clear that you’re hostile towards people who think differently. When students go to Jay’s IG they will see multiple pictures of her topless, which apparently is OK because she took a bunch of hormones and had her boobs cut off. How is this appropriate for a child to see?

How is it appropriate to show your nipples like this at a Pride parade while bragging that cops were disinvited, because police are all inherently bad?

Why is someone who is says that police are modern day slave catchers allowed around children?

Jay bragged on Twitter and Facebook about teaching Pre K through third graders, and showed a picture of her whiteboard saying “Hello I’m Mx Jay, my pronouns are they/them/theirs.”

Do you understand how confusing this is to children as young as 5? What right do you have to do this to other people’s kids? Why are the Maynard Public Schools allowing this Antifa Mimi Bobeck to tell children that there is something called “Mx”? Why are they teaching kids who don’t even know what pronouns are, how to use made up pronouns for their teachers? Or better question – why do people like this always demand to be around other people’s children?

But instead of listening to legitimate parental concerns Principal He/Him said it was “unfortunate” that the parent took issue with his star substitute teacher. He said that Jay’s outfit was appropriate to wear to school (including the Crocs), and refused to honor the parent’s request that her child not be in Jay’s classes. He even used they/them pronouns while describing Jay, while calling her a role model for LGBTQ children. However, he did admit that one time Jay came to school dressed inappropriately and had to be sent home to change.

This email is amazing for so many reasons.

  1. He admits that Jay is grooming “LGBTQ” youth, even though Jay made that obvious with her social media posts announcing a lesson on pronouns to 5 year olds.
  2. Can you imagine how inappropriate the outfit that got her sent home was if yesterday’s outfit was permissible?
  3. In 11 years of teaching not once was a single teacher in a building with 80 teachers ever sent home because of their outfit. How embarrassing and humiliating for an alleged professional to be told to go home and change. The principal acts like this is no big deal.
  4. The principal works for the parents who pay his salary, but he acts like it’s the other way around.
  5. Why is the principal going so far to protect a substitute teacher, who is the definition of replaceable? Would he go to such lengths if the sub were not exploring the BLT-123 spectrum?
  6. This is the definition of gaslighting. He acts like this is about gender identity, while ignoring the parent’s legitimate concerns about forcing pronouns on young kids, calling a teacher by her made up first name, and posting inappropriate things on a public social media page. He suggests that the real offense here is the mother’s bigotry, rather than the behavior of his staff.
  7. In what way is Jay a role model? He was arrested for his involvement in a riot, posts incendiary things about police, and through her actions is showing young girls that it’s cool to chop their breasts off. This is the kind of person the Maynard Public Schools believe is a role model?
  8. Basically his policy is, if you identify as something you’re not then the rules don’t apply to you

Keep in mind, this same school sent out an email to parents telling them that they are not allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween because it’s a distraction and not inclusive for those who don’t celebrate by trick or treating:

Meanwhile, their music teacher wears a Halloween costume to school every day, and the students are completely distracted by the pregnant bag of Skittles that’s forcing them to call them made up pronouns. At Fowler Middle School kids cannot express themselves or have any fun because there might be a made up religion that finds Halloween offensive, but a teacher can come in looking like she just ate the Reading Rainbow.

This is yet another example of how the LGBTQ lobby holds the rest of the country hostage, and weak “men” like Mike Barth are too cowardly to stand up for children and parents. Schools are for kids, not for adults. Children are distracted by this and have a right not to be. Anyone who puts the feelings of a grown criminal Antifa woman over the needs of young children has no business being in public education. Mike Barth should resign in disgrace, and the parents of Maynard should step up and say something about it instead of complaining in private Facebook groups. You don’t have to be ashamed of being a good parent.


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